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Poll: Have You Played Ragnarok Online Before?
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Have You Played Ragnarok Online Before or Not?
[Image: mastering-672x372.jpg]
Does your gaming background consist of Ragnarok Online or not? 

If you have played Ragnarok Online before, vote "YES"
If you have not played Ragnarok Online before, vote "NO"

PS: If you haven't voted your region, you can now vote for your region in this forum. is not the official Tree of Savior website. 
Everything we (Moderator & Admin) say is subject to change without prior notice from the imcGAMES developers.
Vibration is the core of Law of Attraction
Love your picture :3

Voted yes, I spent so much time playing this game <3
Let's make it fun ... Those who voted no please tell us what do you like about tos ...

I voted yes Tongue
I'm yes/no. I voted no. I used to help my brother grind once in a while so i never went into the mechanics.

The first striking thing about tos for me is the graphics & classes. Since RO was technically one of my first online games, i generally picture anime-mmorpgs like this. It's refreshing to see old-school style graphics & a large pool of new/creative classes.
I played Ragnarok Online during his lifetime.
To this day ....

The fascinating game for its simplicity Blush
Point Brasileiro, venha!
Guild's Ragnarok Online
Website Find
Yes, Ragnarok was very fun
Yes, for over 8 years, very fun game, cant really say it has pvp, it really does not have pvp, just Asura stike, but the MvPing and Grinding was so much fun.
Yes, and it's been the best (online game) experiences
i remember grinding for ss card in the pyramid *lucky get two of em in just hours

ps: and the third time, the next day XD
Signature in bahasa "Tandatangan"
i play since 2004 in indonesia
per aspera ad astra

Of course I played RO <3

I loved the anime-like graphics and the family-like circle of friends I had online. I also collected a lot of headgears.
What I like about RO now: 3rd classes - they look rly cool <3
What I don't like about it now: Pay 2 win! I'd rather pay monthly fees (like I did years ago on euRO).

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