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[Recruit] Forum Moderator
Title: Forum Moderator

- Passionate about Tree of Savior 
- Love to contribute 

Main Scope of Work:
- Read all forum posts
- Moderate forum discussions
- Keep up to date with Tree of Savior news 
- Keep new users informed about the latest updates 
- Ensure a peaceful and fairy tale (see what I did there) experience for forum members 

If you think you fit in the role above, do send us a PM (either by Forum or via Facebook Page). The message should contain:
1. Introduction
2. Skills 
3. Why do you like Tree of Savior
4. Previous Work is not the official Tree of Savior website. 
Everything we (Moderator & Admin) say is subject to change without prior notice from the imcGAMES developers.
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Well, we from ToSBR are the biggest community in the world, losing only for the official comunity.. if you guys let us to moderate your forum, that will be a pleasure to do such thing, and we can discuss to you guys do the same in our forum too! What do you say about that? Smile
In nomine patris, et filii, et spiritus sancti. Amen.
I have time to spend and i actually im from ToSLAS, very interested on the comunnity
(12-29-2014, 10:01 AM)Matias Manzanero Wrote:  I have time to spend and i actually im from ToSLAS, very interested on the comunnity

Mod recruitment is closed atm.
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