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Forum Etiquette (Rules)
ToSGame Forum Etiquette (Rules)
3R Law: Read, Remember and Reread. 

This is a Tree of Savior International Community (aka Fansite)
Everything we say or do here do not represent the official announcements by imcGAMES. Even when we quote imcGAMES staffs, information may still subject to change without prior notice.

This is an English Forum
So 99% of your posts should be in English Language.

Use proper grammar and format properly
Proper grammar and formatting allows other members to fully understand what you are trying to convey. It shows professionalism as well.

This is also a Tree of Savior International Forum
You will meet many different people from all parts of the world. Some may speak English and some may not. We will still treat them as equal because we are all Tree of Savior fans. 

Use Appropriate and Accurate Thread Titles
To accurately articulate your point, I highly recommend you to state all key points in the thread title. This helps other members to understand what topic you are talking about before reading the content of your thread.

Text Comments Encouraged
We highly encourage text comments with discussion value being posted in our forums. You can use images or videos to express your thoughts in your reply but ensure that your text reply is sufficient to compliment the image hotlinked in your comment. 

Use for Images/Graphics 
It's not a good practice to hotlink images from other websites. If you're using images from other websites, we recommend uploading the images to (the most awesome image sharing website) before hotlinking it in the forum. It is a very friendly website that supports even url upload!

Be Friendly
Remember we are on the internet, we can only see texts, people come from various background and ages. Be positive and treat all replies as a positive feedback.  Angel 

Read the Forum Etiquette
Follow the 3R law. Read, Remember and Reread. Human brains only remember 20% of what they read once. So just come back and reread occasionally.

Up-Voting & Down-Voting Reputation
Remember member's reputation is recorded. So just ask yourself whether the up vote or down vote is worth giving. Consider giving a constructive feedback when giving a down vote.

Respect the Moderators/Staffs
They are there to make things simple, help them help you sort things out. 

Keep the Signature Decent
The truth is, everybody is here to read what you have to say, not your signature. So keep the signature a minimum. 

Advertising Links
If you are sharing resourceful contents that you created and think will benefit the community, by all means, post the link. But remember not everyone is fond of a link spammer. I recommend 10 posts : 1 link ratio (Post 1 link for every 10 posts).

Post New Topics and Don't Necropost
Necropost is reviving old topics older than 1 year old (365 days) threads for discussion. Usually old topics have been discussed and answered by forum members. Bringing them back can obscure more recent, more relevant discussions. Use the search function for old questions and open a new thread for current topics that has yet to be answered.

Treat Hostiles with Love
Let me get this straight, you shall not start a flame war in this forum. But if you see one coming, consider treating it with respect and love. We won't know what he/she is facing daily, but we can make his/her day feel better.

Ignore & Report Spammers
There's no need to reply to a spammer. Just press the "Report" button. Let the moderators deal with it.

Signature Height
250px signature height is the maximum signature height allowed. Meaning when you make a 1 line post, the signature must not be longer than your avatar details on the left.

Moderation Rights

Comment and Signature Edits
Please be courteous with your comments and signatures. We reserve the right to edit anything you post in this forum if it does not comply with forum etiquette. With or without notice. is not the official Tree of Savior website. 
Everything we (Moderator & Admin) say is subject to change without prior notice from the imcGAMES developers.
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