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Full Version: Team Excel! Guild for TOS
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İmageThis is Team Excel for TOS!İmage
About Us:

İmageUS based Guild, however, we are open to all.
İmageFriendly Environment/Noob Friendly (We will have a beginner guild)
İmagePvP, GvG focused
İmagePvE Boss raids
İmageWeekly Events
We have a website running to keep everyone updated on TOS while the release is impending. We have awesome members, an active forums, and a great community.

No need to answer 30 questions that make you pause and think in between if you are signing up for a online game guild or a full time job. It's not that serious right now. The game hasn't even been released yet! For now,Our priority is to plain out have a great community that we can start this game with and have amazing parties! MMO's aren't fun when you don't have people to play them with! We will tighten our standards as the game progresses and it will become harder to join. We will become a competitive PvP/GvG guild with heavy partying/raiding and weekly events on the side. If you are interested, join up here in our website.

moarr frags Cool
Welcome guys! Big Grin
Thanks man! Appreciate it.
Great website man, you update it real fast with all the current stuff going on. Imma join. making this my homepage until TOS is released XDDDDDD
i want to join
Thanks for joining everyone. Updated the site and the page! I'll update the news as I hear more information. Thanks!
How to join.
(12-21-2014, 07:37 PM)Kazuo Alexis Wrote: [ -> ]How to join.

Go to and just make an account and introduce yourself on the forums!
cool to see guilds already recruiting. I dont even know how GvG in this game works but hope we'd have fun! Goodluck!
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