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Let's talk about the avatar size
I seen some forums that uses this avatar hosting site. All you do is just make an account with that site and link it to the forum account and BANG. The picture is there
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(10-29-2015, 11:07 AM)Dialects Wrote: Much like others, I agree that the avatar size needs to be considered!

150x180 seems a fairly sized avatar option allowing for both square and portrait type avatars. In regards to the file dimensions, maybe they could make it so if the avatar exceeds a certain KB limit people are informed of URL-hosting being available? This would give people the liberty of either uploading their avatar (if its within the KB limits) or otherwise host the images outside of the server and link them up.

- Dial

Not much point in a larger dimension allowance if the actual size limit is small, because then it gets all grainy and ugly. 
So I agree with you. After a certain amount of KB, we can just host it ourselves, on websites like Imgur. 25 is VERY small.

25 with 150x150 or 150x180 is extremely unbalanced. It should be at least 100 KB to work out.
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I agree, I think the Avatar size is a bit small and the KB we can upload aswell, but that I don't mind much since I always upload my stuff on imgur anyways.
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I'd like 150x150 would be a bit more forgiving in regards to keep our avatars from becoming pixelated blobs but 100x100 isn't terrible either. I'd prefer a slightly larger size but I could live with this one honestly.
+1 to all this but I could totally deal with it /heh Smile

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