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Old stuff, though please feel free to create something new :)
Thanks for the tips Mr. (regular friendly narwhal) Panta
The want of one affects others.
- Dondex
Guuuyyyssssss EVERYONE can play in the iCBT2, will you all be there!?
Avenging Angel~
I won't play until they remove the blue monsters in beta tests or the game is officially released >__<

Have fun playing though! :3
Why u see the blue monster on such downside?
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blue mobs are good tho

youre just hating it because you never got to kill it ora
Why so much hate

[Image: bApOGXY.jpg]

Panta : 08/07/2015

I've played enough to realize that blue monsters consist of a significant priority target in the sense of ignoring every other monster just to find the blue ones :/

Here's more information: http://forum.treeofsaviorgame.com/thread-1297-post-24619.html#pid24619

on that same page:[Click to show. Click again to hide]
(08-09-2015, 11:33 AM)Zilox Wrote:
(08-09-2015, 10:52 AM)blueblue Wrote: blue monster is not that common lol.
Are you certain of this? I was leveling at a tenet garden spot, between yesterday and today me and my party killed around 12-15 blue mobs probs?(went from 30 to 42 in like 5 hours). Probably even more than 15

(08-09-2015, 02:36 PM)Ivalix Wrote: [...] This is the one thing I dislike about the blue mob system, is that if you have friends who play this game and party separately occasionally, they can either get very far ahead or fall behind a lot depending on luck, and then you can't really party with them anymore. Leveling shouldn't be based on random chance IMO, considering how important the blues are.

(08-12-2015, 10:26 AM)KhaiAyame Wrote:
(08-10-2015, 02:28 AM)jochris Wrote: Indeed, Tenet Garden has more blue mob compared to other area. My spot was on the northern left. Got 4 blues in just like 20-30 minutes.
i agree too about this, bcoz i got 4-6 blues in around 1 hour like that, some of my party also got too. i think at tenet garden with blue mobs is high rate spawn compare other maps place. but not sure about timing and luck, this is what i experienced to it. 

Blue monster at 0:01 and 1:04 in one of my videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RYCmgx_Jy4

And here the battle ends at 2:54, feels so weird to be able to defeat multiple opponents of a kind I was struggling so much with a few seconds ago... Those were 9 level ups in ICBT1! Where the experience gain was about half of the intended release I think :( It's just a game breaking experience to me, if I have to level up by defeating blue monsters on official release, I want to do it without character wipes later because it's nearly unbearable for me to play in this kind of environment. Blues are seemingly worth a thousand or so normal monster experience and it's faster to run past normals to find blues than to grind normally (from my personal experience), so parties would have to consist of movement speed buffed members running around separately and letting each other know when they find a blue monster. That's not what I had in mind for party play... So I'll just wait to see if the blue monsters will stay in the official release and cope up with whatever the future reserves >_< (another blue monster appears here by the way)
Blue mobs are good
And thaumaturge could double the exp by swelling the mobs
With linker and thau you basically have farming gods
I still dont know if i can share debuff with penalty tho

[Image: bApOGXY.jpg]

Panta : 08/07/2015

Ohh I gotta go with Ora on this one... I can't say that sounds like any particular amount of fun to me, that said I know that I can choose to just ignore the blue ones since everyone else will be farming them and I usually just go do my own thing anyways^^.

Hopefully I can grab a key and start playing at some point. Either way hopefully I can see you all in there, if not see you in official release~
Avenging Angel~
We didnt do anything at all
Are we actually doing salad?

Ive never seen oragura in the discord too
Oh yeah garlic and dondex, do you have the discord channel?

[Image: bApOGXY.jpg]

Panta : 08/07/2015

Panta, you have psychic powers. I was about to post something x)

Needed to update suggestions for party member builds considering that a significant amount of game mechanics have been altered as of lately.

(05-21-2015, 09:12 AM)Oragura Wrote: [...] pretty sure that our gaming agendas differ quite a bit, thus our levels would end up being of different ranges :B That's why there's the proposal to meet up with secondary/tertiary plus characters x) We play the game, enjoy ourselves and everything, but when we get to test pre-determined class combinations, we use different characters, or maybe some of us already start the game by maining a combination component character, like Angelic hinted he might do :3 We'll be able to experience ourselves the extents of the in-game classes synergies ^^

So I made a new thread based on the stats' scalings of some skills and other ideas: http://forum.treeofsaviorgame.com/thread-1554.html

Maximum level Daino won't even be able to cover all of those buff effects! >:3 Good luck to whoever dares face this party configuration head on  Popoblue

(10-25-2015, 04:08 AM)Panta Wrote: We didnt do anything at all
Are we actually doing salad?

Ive never seen oragura in the discord too

Salad will happen, you can be sure of this :3 Please consider the hiatus we just had as an example of the amount of freedom that members and formal members possess, because that's the way open guilds are supposed to be like. They exist so that anyone can participate if they wish to do so and may request the suspension of their formal membership towards the guild for the time being as well for any given reason, though it is encouraged to at least bid farewell to the formal members when one decides to leave, just as a display of common courtesy and personal communication skills, which are valued and encouraged to flourish in this type of environment.

We're still here, not actively communicating as much as we used to, but I believe that this will change once the game enters open beta phase with no data wipes or is officially released (at last!), and I admit that I'm not very participative in real time chats, but might just give it a chance now that you've made that specific subject emerge Big Grin

It's the power of communication  Heart

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