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Poll: How much are you willing to pay for your ideal version of Tree Of Savior (per month)?
30US$ and below
Between 31US$ and 50 US$
Between 51US$ and 100 US$
Above 100US$
The sky is the limit for my wallet when it comes to ToS
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Financial Support - Let's talk about our wallets.

Hey guys, I'm creating a poll to see if we can get a general view of how much people are willing to pay for ToS. It would be great if in comparison to the poll you guys post how much you spend per month on MMOs that you currently play, but since we are talking about sensitive personal information the poll will be anonymous and you don't need to share anything else if not feeling comfortable in doing so.
Since we not know much about the cash shop instead of asking how much you would pay for the CBT version of ToS I'm asking how much you would pay for your ideal version of ToS.

Starting with me, my limit is about 20~30 dollars a month. I already buy games periodically for my 3DS, have to save for steam sales and already subscribe to way too many video stream services (Funimation, Crunchyroll, Netflix...).

Also I fell that any MMO that requires over 30 dollars for you to acquire a digital goodie is utterly broken, so even if I had spare money I would refuse to pay.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Monthly payments = expected average investment per month. The game has been confirmed as free-to-play and will not required monthly subscription!!!
[Image: galil_from_upotte___made_by_request_on__...vqdRRu.jpg]
Waifu Hunting Games - PRO PLAYER
Well, like you said, it depend on what's there in Cash Shop. I'll probably won't buy item that i don't need and not going to play monopoly, buy cash item to trade for ingame currency.
So the ideal is below $30. I always consider when spending cash for MMO, see if the item worth it. But also it depend on the mood Smile, i can be crazy and spend $50+ sometimes.
Website Find
For me is around 15-25 USD, that's all. I can't pay more than 30 USD Sad
I'm a cheapo, so below 30$ it is :3

the only investment i sacrifice my real wallet for is costume and cosmetics. depends on how much the costumes are.

but if they pull PSO2 limited features available gameplay content, nope.
I may consider spending just some bucks to have something, but I hardly ever spend money in online games.
Let's check a few reactions from IMC directive board while reading this thread...


I'm surprised though, I thought the majority of the forums was of heavy spenders.
[Image: galil_from_upotte___made_by_request_on__...vqdRRu.jpg]
Waifu Hunting Games - PRO PLAYER
I only buy clothes in MMOs, it can go to 0 euros to whatever it cost for the outfit.
I also have to buy games for my Vita, 3DS and PC so it's hard to invest much for one game.
Confused 50-100$ per month?...  Man, if I had that kind of money to throw around I probably wouldn't be playing computer games.  Do something more physical like long-distance hiking, ride awesome carbon-fiber bikes, play expensive musical instruments, or travel the world.  Computer games are great, but I often view them as glamorous backup for when I have nothing better to do.  I usually have nothing better to do. Sleepy So games it is.

For free-to-play, I usually drop about 50$ for a game I like, then sit on it for months making a few small purchases.  I might add 20$ or so after a while.  On average, I spend around 5-10$ per month.  Yeah, I'm a cheapskate.

For an "ideal version" of Tree of Savior, I'd spend up to ~20$ per month if it was really good, up to ~50$ per month if it was the best experience I'd ever seen, and >100$ if I decided to make it my life's work.

Tangent Topic: i know it's normally written "$50", but i got into the habit of calling that "dollars fifty", so now i write "50$" so that it reads "fifty dollars".
10$ isnt cheap.

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