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[Image: DearestSleepyBustard.gif]

☮ CHKNFOOT Guild ☮ 

Forum | About Us | Register | Contact Us

Guild Founder: Parachute
Co-Guild Leader: Megame
Voice Chat: Raidcall
Official Language: English
Region/Server to Play: Preferably SEA

About Us:

CHKNFOOT is a symbol for peace. We pride for being friendly and low-profile guild, but we are also
competitive. An inverted version of our logo, however, simply means a chicken says "da fukokok"

Here in CHKNFOOT, we are more like a family than just mere game guildies. 
The guild will not only be active in game shit, but also have a lot of guild events and raidcall events. 
We not only enjoy in-game experience but also a friendship that will last for, tears, awhile.
90% of the guild is just oh so friendly, and I wanna recruit people like that. 
I acknowledge confident people, but do not tolerate arrogant ones.


CHKNFOOT Guild is currently hiring gamers to join our crew! 
Our guild is currently inactive on any RO1 Servers (As of Feb2015), but some members 
were just scattered playing all other games. We will be semi-active here in forum to check for recruitment ad. 
For those who are interested to join, feel free to visit our guild's forum and apply. Just indicate that 
you are applying for TOS to disregard some application requirements. It is pointless to be strict/have 
any requirement to join when the game itself isn't there yet. 

 There is no requirement to join the guild. I mean, There's no point to have one at 
this point. Just friendly lonely people in need of fun friendly environment. 
Hell, I haven't even studied any class or skills yet in this game. Lol

Are you sure?

Are you certain you wanna be part of CHKNFOOT Family? If so, when accepted,
be ready for the following as new members did this:

-1 Song, Just One. Prepare to sing in raidcall.
Forum | About Us | Register | Contact Us
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