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[Client extraction] Images
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Thx to yotitchy for sharing them on fb, i had trouble with my picasa but i have this :

Help img

Types of monster :

Types of armor :

Jobs :
- Archer - Skills : Turret, ObliqueShot, SwiftStep, Ballista, Multishot, Kneelingshot, Entangle, Scarecrow, SmokeBomb
- Alchemist - Skills : MagnumOpus, Tincturing, Briquetting, Roasting, Dig, Combustion
- Barbarian - Skills : StompingKick, Embowel,
- Bokor - Skills : Damballa, BwaKayiman, Zombify, Mackangdal, Samdiveve, Ogouveve, Effigy, Hexing
- Cataphract - Skills : DoomSpike, EarthWave, Impaler, Rush, SteedCharge
- Centurion - Skills : SchiltronFormation, WedgeFormation, Conscript, WingedFormation, PhalanxFormation, TercioFormation
- Chronomancer - Skills : Quicken, Haste, BackMasking, Samsara, Slow, Stop
- Cleric - Skills : Revival, ShieldCharge, Flins, Dodola, Lada, Ziva, Bless, checkPad, Cure, EqualizerMissile, FeverTime, Haste, Heal, Holy Baptism, HolyEnchant, SafetyZone, Statue, Venom, DivineMight, DeprotectedZone
- Corsair - Skills : JollyRoger, Keelhauling, IronHook,
- Cryomancer - Skills : SubzeroShield, IceWall, Gust, IceBolt, FrostPillar, IciclePike, IceBlast,
- Dievdirbys - Skills : Carve, CarveZemina, CarveVakarine, CarveLaima, CarveOwl, CarveAustrasKoks,
- Druid - Skills : Carnivory, ShapeShifting, Telepath, Transform
- Elementalist - Skills : StoneCurse, Prominence, Hail, Meteor, Electrocute
- Fletcher - Skills : BarbedArrow, BodkinPoint, BroadHead, CrossFire
- Hackapell - Skills :
- Highlander - Skills : Crown, CrossGuard, Moulinet, CartarStroke, WagonWheel,
- Hoplite - Skills : Finestra, SynchroThrusting, Stabbing, LongStride, Pierce
- Hunter - Skills : Snatching, Hounding, Praise, Retrieve, Pointing, Coursing
- Kriwi - Skills : Daino, Zalciai, Aukuras, DivineStigma, Melstis, Zaibas,
- Linker - Skills : Physicallink, JointPenalty, SpiritualChain, Unbind, HangmansKnot, UmbilicalCord
- Monk - Skills : IronSkin, PalmStrike, DoublePunch, EnergyBlast
- Murmillo - Skills : ChangeStance,
- Necromancer - Skills : GatherCorpse, CreateShoggoth, FleshCannon, FleshHoop
- Ninja - Skills : Bunsin,
- Oracle - Skills : Forecast, Reborn, Clairvoyance, CallOfDeities,
- Paladin - Skills : Restoration, Smite, Conversion, TurnUndead, Barrier, ResistElements
- Pardoner - Skills : CraftBooster, SignDispeller, Simony, SpellShop
- Peltasta - Skills : ShieldLob, SwashBuckling, RimBlow, UmboBlow
- PiedPiper - Skills : Fluting
- Priest - Skills : Resurrection, Monstrance, Sacrament, Blessing, Aspersion
- Psychokinesist - Skills : GravityPole, Raise, Swap, MagneticForce, PsychicPressure, Teleportation
- Pyromancer - Skills : FireWall, EnchantFire, FireBall, FirePillar, HellBreath, Flare
- Quarrel Shooter - Skills : StonePicking, RapidFire, ScatterCaltrop, DeployPavise
- Ranger - Skills : Barrage, SpiralArrow, TimeBombArrow, CriticalShot, SteadyAim, ArrowSprinkle, BounceShot, HighAnchoring,
- Rodelero - Skills : ShieldPush, ShieldCharge, Montano, TargeSmash
- Rogue - Skills : BrandishBow
- Sadhu - Skills : Possession, VashitaSiddhi, TransmitPrana, OutofBody, AstralBodyExplosion, EctoplasmAttack, Prakriti
- Sapper - Skills : PunjiStake, DetonateTraps, BroomTrap, Claymore
- Schwarzereiter - Skills :
- Scout - Skills : FluFlu, Camouflage, Undistance, Cloaking, Beprepared, Scan, FlareShot
- Sorcerer - Skills : Summoning, Obey, AttackGround
- Spylial - Skills :
- Squire - Skills : Arrest
- Swordman - Skills : Thrust, Bash
- Thaueles - Skills :
- Thaumaturge - Skills : Transpose, ShrinkBody, Reversi, SwellLeftArm, SwellBody
- Warlock - Skills :
- Warrior - Skills : GreatBearFormation, Dash, shouldercharge, Clipping, ScarletMacaw, Reward, Bash2 et 3, ChainThrow, Parrying_Buff
- Wipycry - Skills : -
- Wizard - Skills : EnergyBolt, Fog, ReflectShield, MagicMissile, MeteorSwarm, rulerbuff, Lethargy, Wild, QuickCast, EarthQuake, IncreaseSpeed, Darkness, PartsShooting, Surespell, Sleep, SummonDemon2, DemonBomb, DemonArmor, CountDown
- Wugushi - Skills : JincanGu, ThrowGuPot, Bewitch, NeedleBlow, Detoxify, WugongGu
Very nice Big Grin Thanks for sharing.

Appreciate that! Thanks for the share C: is not the official Tree of Savior website.
Everything we (Moderator & Admin) say is subject to change without prior notice from the imcGAMES developers.

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Skills, jobs and pieces of informations added
Oh shoot me. There's indeed some extra skills from ranking up. Now this is gonna give us more headache to choose class advancement.
Lots of hats. O.o

Thanks for the info

(01-17-2015, 01:47 AM)sumjs_5624 Wrote:  Oh shoot me. There's indeed some extra skills from ranking up. Now this is gonna give us more headache to choose class advancement.

Yeah, but that depends on progression tier though, if the one you want to learn all skills and the class you want to end up as are too close together, that is huge headache. It may actually be impossible, unless you can somehow level up previous class retroactively, but so far it doesn't seem to work that way.
I do really like some of the equipment clothes °-°
Nice! Thanks for sharing Big Grin
as divine grace...

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Website Find
Linker's skill name - UMBILICAL CORD

Gonna be a mum in tos soon.


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