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• Xfinite Guild •
goodluck on your guild never saw your guild on NA Req server on echo of souls
I actually first saw this guild on Inspirit Online. Are you the same guys who played over there too?
This is a signature.
Real Name: Daniel B
IGN: SegataSanshiro
Age: 24
Location: California, US
Class: Sapper
Playing hours: 50 hours per week
Reason for joining: Hardcore Gamer looking for comrades to grind hard with.
(01-07-2015, 11:19 AM)Dzire Wrote:
Players that can play at least 10-20 hours a day. 

dude you will kill yourself (just saying)

Let me in for this one Big Grin

Real Name:
IGN: Styrvn
Age: 18
Location: Philippines
Class: Squire / Cataphract
Playing hours: 8-10 hours . Mostly around 9:00 pm - 6:00 am ; 6-7 days
Reason for joining: Filipino Guildmaster? OHH YES.
Wow you guys already have many members. This guild will definitely one of my choices to stay in. but I want to be open to other PH guilds. so I wont have any regrets later on. because if I join in a guild that guild would definitely would be my main guild for the rest of my TOS life. Haha!! Anyways God Bless to your guild and hopefully when i join. it would still be open. I'm from PH too. so we could get along and play together in exact same time. Popoblue
Whoops my bad how this thread got bumped, I always miss inactive guilds.

I'm closing this thread since OP has been inactive for more than two months, if for some reason you want this thread re-opened please send me a message explaining why. Thank you.
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