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[BLOG] Only 28 Classes Available in Tree of Savior First CBT
Discussion topic for Only 28 Classes Available in Tree of Savior First CBT

[Image: 28-classes.jpg]

Tree of Savior Closed Beta Testing (CBT) participants can play up to 28 job classes out of 80 job classes in the first CBT. Players will start with four base classes (Swordsman, Wizard, Archer and Cleric). Each class will have six advanced jobs each for players to choose from later when they level up.

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Thanks for the update!

28 out of 80 classes, eh? seems like Corsair is not available yet, I think I'm gonna go with the Swordsman-Peltasta

Can't wait for CBT!
[Image: 1229939_161507577383019_797695953_n.jpg]
so what class are open for the archer route?
Thanks I like wizard route.
(12-27-2014, 07:25 AM)Christian Flores Wrote:  so what class are open for the archer route?

You can use this fan based builder to check it out! (here) (It's not complete I guess, but it helps a lot. lol)

You can also use their simulator in wiki. (here)
The wizard route for this cbt looks awesome, but I can't wait for the Hackapell class!
One.. two.. and three.
ARGH, this light! where.. am I?
I feel like I've been through this before.. my name is... Hmmmm? Hambart! that's right.
Haha! I feel weird, I feel.. weak.. but at the same time, relieved?
*Severe headaches, followed by flashbacks* This man.. is that me...?


Quote:All the skills you have learnt in your previous classes are all carried over to the current class.
good to know , lot of people are discussing this in the forum , and finally its offcial. yay! xD

now lets just wait review from people who got CBT in this forum
Wow, 28 out of 80. This is gonna be fun.
Ouch, Druid isn't available yet.
Krivis seems like a nice alternative.
Fragrant green winds blow across this new, yet somehow old land. This imaginary world is home to dragons and giants, monsters and demihumans. With a burden weighing upon your soul, go forth, o winged one! This land spreads out before you like a blank page, make your mark in it!

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