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Europe Guild Murakumo [added Guild forum]
Murakumo Guild

European Guild recruiting


We also have Raidcall search Murakumo Guild ToS

Planning on being a very active guild running dungeons,Level parties,Farming parties,Raiding groups.
Looking for helpful talkative members.

If you would like to join please reply here with a short introduction and what class you will play ^^

Also i am Recruiting 2 Guild officer's. 1 has to be a TANK build and the other has to be a DPS.in the future i might recruit a couple more but for now let's start small and see how we grow as a guild.
Narukami Yu   Fabulous Healer Murakumo Guild leader
(12-14-2014, 06:22 AM)Twixcard Wrote: DPS reporting for duty, I'm from GMT +2.
I enjoy PvP more then PvE, but still enjoy PvE from time to time.

For time being I'm an officer in my guild in a game called ArcheAge.

Well for now it will mainly be a PvE guild so people can get there levels up and gear's, i played archeage for a bit in closed beta and open beta but then came the bots.. so i stopped playing it. i'm currently on Aura kingdom checking out the new class they recently added.

EDIT just named the guild i hope everyone likes the name.

Welcome Twixcard.
Narukami Yu   Fabulous Healer Murakumo Guild leader
(12-14-2014, 09:10 AM)Twixcard Wrote: I'm fine by it ^^
Can I ask you where did this name originate from? Or is it just something you came up with randomly?

a psp game i play called 7th dragon 2020 the main organization your characters [squad 13] belong to it is named Murakumo. they hunt space dragons.
Narukami Yu   Fabulous Healer Murakumo Guild leader
Updated main post also Twixcard if your reading this go check out the guild forum and make an intro please Smile let's make this guild a really nice place to be. Ther's not much on the forum yet but give it time it will grow ^^
Narukami Yu   Fabulous Healer Murakumo Guild leader
(12-18-2014, 06:52 AM)Twixcard Wrote: Will do Smile
I do have to mention that your color choices on the forum make some of the text almost impossible to read for me.

If you wish I could spice it up a bit (I do website coding and designing for living)

sure if you have time lets sort something out soon.
Narukami Yu   Fabulous Healer Murakumo Guild leader
Wow im surprised there is a guild from europe, i live in netherlands altough i came from asia. Looking forward to join you.
I am also from the Netherlands :-) , gonne be a wizard. Was also a wizard in EuroRO.
Hi I might be interested on joining (I will check later for other EU based guilds and I will make final decision then) but I have some premises to make:

English is not my mother language (i'm Italian, and yeah I hate same country guilds)
I'm 25 yo, so I'm kinda above the average student gamer age
I will have a job with day/night shifts of 12+ hrs based on rota, for at least 3/4 days a week.
So my presence will vary a lot based on my rotation.
No plan to quit job and be nolifer, since I will live on my own.
Also I might have stuff to do other than working and yeah social life is kind of important for me.
Last but not least, due to past bad experiences, If I notice the guild is solely composed of kids (i mean, 90% of 12-15 yo) I will be forced to leave, so I really hope for a bit of age difference, no hate pls.
For the same reason, I will kind of avoid being the "instant friendly" type of guy, sure I appreciate get involved in stuff, but I tend to prefer to get to know people better before showing my true happy self and plan stuff.
I kind of underestimated this in my last social attempts in guilds, and I saw guilds crumbling before me because of this

That's it for now. Sorry for wasting your time with all my troubles but I believe it's better we start to know each other this way, after many years on mmos.
I'm closing this thread since Narakumiyu hasn't been online on more than 2 months. If for some reason you want this thread to be re-opened please PM me and leave a message why, thank you.
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