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Ask imcGAMES Questions. Meeting Them in 12 Hours
[Image: GKlLnZf.jpg]

Dear Community,

I am meeting up with one of imcGAMES' manager tomorrow. Personally I have already prepared many questions for the meeting. I think this is the best time to make use of this forum to ask a question. It also serves as a cushion for me to fall back on in case I finish asking all my questions before the time runs out.

Anyway, just ask away. Try not to ask obvious questions that has already been answered before. Read here for questions & answer by the Brasil TOS. Thanks.

Image courtesy of Savior Legends
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1- Just confirm the CBT will not be released in US. They said that's still to be discussed but if they havent found a publisher by now for US and plan to release the KOREAN CBT in December they will probably will not have a US one. Just get them to admit that so we can all go into hibernation until the full release. Press on US CBT. This is the ONE issue everyone in US is waiting for. They basically said it probably wont but like me i'm sure everyone is thinking positive that there's still a chance. Just get the straight up facts.

2- How long do they expect CBT to last before release? They will probably answer with it depends on the CBT results but ask "Typically how long do they expect the process to be from CBT to full release?" Because that's really gonna be what it is.

3- The Guild vs Guild system will it be similar to RO's WoE in the sense of fighting over Land/Castles that provide benefits to the guild's community?

4- How do they intend on balancing specific resistance against classes that are ONE element? For example in a PVP a Pyromancer vs someone who has extreme fire resistance/fire armor, wouldnt that just make their class irrelevant because they are all fire? Same goes for Cryomancer, etc.

5- Not sure if addressed already... Planning to make it subscription based or free to play with item mall only?
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Are there any plans to release Tree of Savior in South-East Asia?

I've read this blog post:http://treeofsaviorgame.com/tos/813/brasil-tos-questions-answers-with-imcgames/

If not will players from SEA region like Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia & Thailand Tree of Savior fans and gamers be able to play TOS in Korea?

Thank you !
Is there a martial arts-type class?
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1. Kim is against Pay to Play, but the screenshot of testing the game in large screen showed us strange button icon that someone guessed it is for a cash shop.
http://toswiki.treeofsaviorgame.com/mechanic/interface  Menu item, number 8.
So will there be items that players will be able to get with money, not by playing the game and earning it?
2. Can Kim confirm if there is a Puppeteer class and will it have summons?
3. Will the retail release be released in all regions at the same time?
Bruh cash shops are going to obviously be there and people will buy items... Doesn't mean that have to be items that help to make you better. Many items can be vanity items that just make you look cool. LoL makes tons of money this way. It doesn't affect the game in any way. Just because there's a cash shop doesn't mean auto pay to win. IMC still wants to make money lol but not at the cost of imbalanced game play. It's going to be items that will not affect it much or just to make you look kawaii
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I've a few question

1. For International release, do you have a plan to put your game in Steam (Valve Platform) It's seems it's a good idea to put your games in Steam, since there's a lot PC games in Steam including indie games or huge game publisher such as Ubisoft or EA.
2. Just like another user say, do you have a plan to release ToS in SEA Server?
3. Do want to fix some unbalance, power, skill in game when the community want it?
4. I've a experience playing MMO from Korea, mostly they're late to giving some patch, bug fix or update in game content, the question is, do you have a plan schedule update content regurally and not delaying some stuff? So I hope like fast respond, fast bug fix and fast resolving problem in game.
5. Do you aware with bots and hacker in your games? How fast you can solve this problem if player trying to cheat the game?
6. Last question, what kind microtransaction in ToS? It is gonna be F2P like another MMO out there, or Buy 2 Play like Guild Wars 2 or Pay to Play (monthly subscribe) like WoW or FF14

Thank you
1. Korean developers show some concern when presenting their games for foreign players, many times "adjusting" them for western audiences (i.e changing experience gain/drop rate, difficulty, adding censorship, etc). The western players, on the other hand, disagree with such practice and prefer to play the game in it's original form.
Will ToS be presented in different versions for the different territories around the world?

2. Would be possible for IMC games to release lore related content before ToS release? There are a lot of contributors/translators trying to improve Tree of Savior wikis around the world but they are given very few content to work with.

Please try to ask at least number 1, if possible.

Thanks for the opportunity Andronicus.
[Image: trainercard-Shiro.png]
1. Are we going to have a Samurai class? I mean I asked this before but the answer is "closest to it is a shinobi" Specifically are we going to have Samurai class in the future?
Done with the interview. A Q&A will be released soon. Topic closed.
TreeofSaviorGame.com is not the official Tree of Savior website. 
Everything we (Moderator & Admin) say is subject to change without prior notice from the imcGAMES developers.
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