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Inven's is running a poll for G-STAR's best game award. If you have an account in Inven you can vote now. There are two categories to this poll. One is the best online game and another one for best mobile game. Tree of Savior is currently in the third ranking. This post will be updated regularly to let all of you well informed of the result. 

G-STAR 2014 Best Online Game
(지스타 2014 베스트 온라인 게임)
  • Final Fantasy XIV - 15.93%
  • Lineage Eternal - 12.93%
  • Tree of Savior - 12.48%
  • Lost Ark - 12.23%
  • Civilization Online - 11.71%
  • Maple Story 2 - 8%
  • Closers - 7.88%
  • Peria Chronicles - 7.88%
  • Project HON - 6.42
  • Sudden Attack - 4.54
G-STAR 2014 Best Mobile Game
(지스타 2014 베스트 모바일 게임)
  • Blade & Soul - 16.9%
  • Pangya Mobile - 15.37%
  • Durango - 13.81%
  • Mabinogi Duel - 11.77%
  • Dominations - 10.32%
  • Legions of Heroes Raid - 8.92%
  • Project Puppy - 8.01%
  • Preta - 5.44%
  • Project H2 - 5.33%
  • Gwanggaeto The Great - 4.14% is not the official Tree of Savior website. 
Everything we (Moderator & Admin) say is subject to change without prior notice from the imcGAMES developers.
Vibration is the core of Law of Attraction
Wow I didnt know that Tos has that much hype in Korea...Lack of media attention and no Tos updates past these months and its still hyped as heck.. Impressive.
y wouldnt u be hype xD the game by Kim. to me he like the feather of MMORPG when he made Ragnarok Online then other online games started pick up the pace so much love to him for bringing another love able game

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