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Busan & G-Star Blog

Many of you already know that there will be Tree of Savior announcements in the upcoming G-STAR 2014. However, not everyone has the privilege of time to attend the event. So here is a good news, I have just arrived in Busan, Korea on November 16, 2014 and I am very excited to announce that I will be covering the whole G-STAR 2014 event in Korea. I know reading a live blog and coming to the real thing is different, however I will try my best to be as detailed as possible so that all of you can experience what I am experiencing in G-STAR 2014.

A Little Rant on Language Barrier in Busan[Click to show. Click again to hide]
Prior to my arrival in Busan, the online blogs claimed that the young adults in Korea speak English. However, this was not the case when I arrived on the 16th. At one point, I had to use Google Translate to communicate with the locals. Luckily, I have met kind locals who went an extra mile to help and get myself all sorted out into my apartment. After having spent three days in Busan, I realized that the blogs were referring to the young adults in Seoul who have more exposure to English language. Fortunately, the subways are extremely easy to understand here in Busan, the Koreans did an extremely good job in making it foreigner friendly. Therefore, going to BEXCO in Centum City was a piece of cake. 

G-STAR Live Blog
We have decided that we will start a live blog for the entire G-STAR event. The live blog focus on Tree of Savior, imcGAMES, Nexon and a lunch meeting. Big Grin  We will begin the live blog on the night of November 19th (KST). The url will be announced on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Be sure to follow them for latest updates.

Other TOS Communities
I believe representatives from Thai TOS and Brasil TOS are attending the event as well. All of us are meeting up at the event for some networking sessions. I am really looking forward to meeting up with them. 

What is G-Star 2014?[Click to show. Click again to hide]
What is G-STAR 2014?
G-STAR 2014 is the largest gaming expo in South Korea organized by K-iDEA. The exhibition starts from 20th Nov – 23rd Nov (BTC) and 20th Nov – 22nd Nov (BTB). G-STAR 2014 will use the Main Exhibition Hall (1) for BTC and the Second Exhibition Hall (14) for BTB.  

BTC (Business to Customer)

BTC is a public area exhibition hall that features game experience hall and main events. BTC tickets are 6,000 KW/day for adults and 3,000 KW/day for youth.

Game experience hall is divided into five sections:
  • Online gaming zone
  • Mobile gaming zone
  • Console gaming zone
  • Arcade gaming zone
  • Board gaming zone
Usually these zones are the most packed area with hundred thousands of fans queuing up to play their favorite games. The main events covers:
  • E-Sports event
  • G-STAR conference
  • Game job fair
  • Press center
  • New game release
  • Game competition
The new game release will be a place I will keep my eye on.

BTB (Business to Business)

BTB is a business hall limited to trade visitors only. Trade visitor passes are USD$200 and additional tickets (must be registrant of the same company) are USD$100. Trade visitor passes have access to BTB and BTC section of the exhibition hall for all four days of the event. This pass features
  • Business Matching System: Exhibitor online search and arrange business meetings on 18th November
  • Entrance to BTB and BTC section of the exhibition halls
  • Networking opportunity in the BTB networking lounge
  • Business Network Party at NOVOTEL Grand Ballroom
  • G-STAR Night at Gwangalli Beach
This year marks the 10th anniversary of G-STAR and they are boasting a whopping 2,558 exhibition booths in both BTC (536 booths) and BTB (1,163 booths) halls. This figure has increased by 13% since 2013. A total of 536 companies are going to exhibit their games in G-STAR, up 24 companies since 2013. This year G-STAR expects to receive more than 200,000 participants from all around the world. Massive gaming companies such as NC SOFT, NEXON KR, HUNGRY Apps, SMILE GATE, ACTOZ SOFT and XLGAMES will all be attending and displaying their games in the BTC section.

How to get to BEXCO?[Click to show. Click again to hide]
How to Go To G-STAR 2014 in BEXCO?
Some information for foreigners who are travelling to G-STAR. There are multiple ways to go to Busan. Personally, I prefer to use the subway but expect the subway to be highly packed throughout the event.

  1. Go to the automatic ticketing machine available in any subway stations
  2. Purchase “Centum City” ticket on line 2 (colored in green)
  3. Get into the train and pay attention to a little screen that shows the next station name
  4. Download the map below for better travelling experience.
When you have arrived in Centum City subway, follow the BEXCO Convention Center exit, which is exit 1 (all subway exits are numbered in Busan). BEXCO Auditorium is right behind you when you exit.
From the Gimhae International Airport, it takes approximately 1 hours and 15 minutes to reach BEXCO Convention Center.

Below are the bus numbers that you can board to go to BEXCO Convention Center.
5, 5-1, 31, 31-1, 40, 63, 100, 100-1, 139, 140, 141, 142, 182, 200-1, 235, 302, 307, 2002
G-STAR staffs have also arranged shuttle busses to pick up participants from specific locations. Please refer to the schedules.

If you have a car and is planning to drive to BEXCO. Here are the parking rates.
The first 30 minutes: 1,000 won 
Each additional 30 minutes: 500 won 
Daily Parking (24hrs): 10,000 won

Taking a taxi to BEXCO convention center should be straightforward. Everyone here knows where BEXCO is located. If the taxi driver doesn’t know, then let him know “Centum City” subway. Tariffs start at 2,800KW and an increment of 2,100KW per KM.

*This thread will be updated daily for other Korean goodies. is not the official Tree of Savior website. 
Everything we (Moderator & Admin) say is subject to change without prior notice from the imcGAMES developers.
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