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Collection of TOS Mini-games
Hey TOSGame!  

When I'm bored of grinding, I like to think of crazy mini-games that exploit skill interaction.  LMK if you want to play any of these with me! Big Grin

[Click to show. Click again to hide]

Avoid Prominence
[Click to show. Click again to hide]

[Click to show. Click again to hide]

Sapper Roulette
[Click to show. Click again to hide]

Ele-Gamble can't be done. Trading has been removed from the game.
Tahoka always dreamed of travelling around the world
She would stare out of her window longingly for hours everyday
Thinking what an exciting world it was out there
Little did she know, she was a Relevator, and the Savior.
It is possible, however, to set prices to Pardoner's Spell Shop, Alchemist's Gem Roasting station and Squire's Equipment modification benches in order to bypass the token dependant trading system (regarding silver at least hehe). Major downside being having to make a character that has one of these skills though >__<

Been recently thinking about player hosted mini-games for Tree of Savior as well, such as Ghost Hunt (Circle 2 Hunters-Schwartzer Reiters/Hackapells and Cataphracts form teams in order to locate a hidden Scout-Rogue that has started duel with everyone else so that when the Reiters' pets locate the Scout through Hounding, the Cataphracts will snatch up the "ghost" with Impaler and carry them over to the score area -kind of like what happens here but without changing maps so the duel between the players is still activated- in order for the Cataphract snatcher's team to gain points and the Scout to be healed for another round), but would have to build up interest from larger number of players before we come up with any popular in-game sport. Could be quite fun to organize/hold tournaments and end up witnessing people create characters mainly focused in participating in sports other players have designed/invented together ^^
Trading is a premium feature now.  It's available with the new token item.  But Ele-Game can be played without betting too.

@Oragura Yeah, these games will be really hard to setup.  I was planning a game that involved Oracle Death Sentence and Priest Revive.  It would be a game similar to mafia.


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