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[BLOG] Tree of savior OBT Preview
Discussion topic for Tree of Savior OBT Preview

Greetings, this is Se Yong Kim from “Tree of Savior (TOS)” Dev team.

We have completed the open beta version of the TOS build (OBT version) and currently are testing it on our test server. If no significant problem is found, it is more than likely that we will use this version.

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Again, Rank 7 classes look awesome.
Orsha sounds very good.  I wonder where that will appear on the map?...  Must have already been there.

Quote:Guilds can declare war with each other. Warring guilds can destroy each other’s guild tower or PVP the enemy members on fields.

There aren’t many things that can be obtained by winning this war so it would be good for everyone to get along well each other.
My thoughts at the moment:

Sounds like guilds can set up a battle on any field of their choosing any time they want.  This could be very good for making use of maps that otherwise would be completely ignored/glossed over.  Any level (and rank) of map even.  Non-guildmembers can't be targeted or damaged, but the guilds battling could cause disruption for others playing the game, grinding, etc.  Sounds like destroying guild towers means the losing guild must buy a new one, so the stakes are high.  At the same time, there are virtually zero rules established for this feature, so guilds could set any rules for combat they please.  We do have to make sure that those who wish to stay out of this kind of GvG must have full freedom to remain so.

I expect some kind of UI for members of guilds, somewhat like party and friend lists.

I can see this being very awesome and I am sure people will try it out.  Doesn't matter if there is no reward.  This kind of no-rules engagement sounds like good end-game recyclable content to me.

Balance is another story.
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