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Experience/Review from a Casual CBT Player
Hello again, everyone~ I'm back to share my experience playing ToS CBT since it's coming to an end now >w<

At first, I was extremely skeptical of Tree of Savior when I logged in for the first time. As anyone knows me knows...one of my favorite aspects of MMORPGs is flexible and diverse character customization to be able to make my character look and feels as much like as me as possible. However, to my chagrin, ToS' character customization left a lot to be desired. I felt like flipping a table when I could only select a hair color and style.

Moving along~

Before I ever launched the game, I knew what my first class path would be since my Hubby who recruited me into this game bugged me to check out the classes and everything a long time ago: Wizard. I prefer to always play the magician/wizard class so I went along with that. Honestly, Circle 1 Wizard was not enough to wow or thrill me so I was more than ready to choose another class once my class level hit level 15 for the first time and that is when I became a Cryomancer.

For my first 50-70 (character) levels, I ran around the server like a chicken with its head cut off Panic
I adored Cryomancer's concept but a lot of things drove me crazy about it:

- My skills always seemed to be on cooldown
- I had the most ridiculously insulting, unbelievable aggro that I have ever seen in any MMO ever Frightened
- When I died in the level 50 dungeon, I dropped all of my gems and did not realize it until the next day
- I felt like a gimmicky superhero's utility belt, e.g: Ice Blast unfroze my frozen targets

However, I could not pull myself away from ToS. While there were things that drove me nuts, theThere were also a lot of things that I fell in love with:

- The beautiful art style
- The fine detail in the background of fields if you looked
- The freedom of choosing paths
- Ice Wall Level 10 in the walkways of Klaipeda
- Elementalist

Overall, aside from some odd decisions (such as the need for ridiculous amounts of silver to do anything and everything cool in the game), I became smitten with ToS throughout my weeks of casual play and look forward to the open beta, where I hope that I can make new friends~
Nice review, short, easy to read with examples and suggestions, accolades and critiques.  Don't know if I should say anything else, except that I agree with almost everything you wrote.  Character customization isn't as big a deal to me. Beautiful game, but mechanics are rough and wonky.  Here's a thing catching my attention:

(12-08-2015, 10:14 PM)Aiko-chama Wrote: some odd decisions (such as the need for ridiculous amounts of silver to do anything and everything cool in the game)
As money sinks, things like Attributes and upgrades are tuned to soak up a ton of silver, since they're finite.  They feel excessively artificial and "gamey" to me.  Seeing numbers like those fills me with the sense that I'd never have to pay that much for things in a realistic situation.  We need some kind of self-regulating sink, like an exchange rate for cashshop currency.  The taxes in the player market don't seem like enough.  

Even though I've ended up with ~320,000 silver at level 80 (where does it all come from  Huh ) it doesn't feel like much.  Somehow I know it'll just disappear.  Weird feeling.
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Well ToS doesn't have anything close to a working economy so I think this is the element of the game that will change the most with release.

I feel that ToS is this huge mass of good ideas and concepts that were implemented very poorly. It's like tasting a cake made with the most expensive chocolate in the world but that was made by someone with very little experience in the cooking department.
The combat feels great sometimes, and others times you are just walking around waiting for CDs; Every class has a unique feeling, and they are all completely unbalanced; The art and graphics are beautiful, the optimization is awful; The world is huge, with bugs everywhere!

I think people will keep coming back, that's the tastiest chocolate in the world after all. But they will always keep the hope that at some time in the future a real chef will get those top quality ingredients and serve them the cake of their dreams.
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I suppose that's what a Beta is for
(12-11-2015, 11:37 AM)maki Wrote: I suppose that's what a Beta is for

Unfortunately, it's also the fourth one or so.
(12-12-2015, 03:10 PM)Nereida Wrote:
(12-11-2015, 11:37 AM)maki Wrote: I suppose that's what a Beta is for

Unfortunately, it's also the fourth one or so.

Second if you're talking about the International Server's Economy.
Tahoka always dreamed of travelling around the world
She would stare out of her window longingly for hours everyday
Thinking what an exciting world it was out there
Little did she know, she was a Relevator, and the Savior.

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