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A Casual two weeks into the game
(11-20-2015, 05:27 AM)Mejiriya Wrote: I went with cleric > Krivis > Dievdirby.

Zaibas is a great skill for when you attack flying monsters, but I agree, the long cooldown time makes it difficult to effectively kill monsters. I actually think Cure is quite nicel, I  invested 4-5 points there and it's quite strong if you get the additional attributes points (IMO).

How do you use Daino? Because I feel clueless as to how I'm supposed to use it. I feel that I don't have enough buffs for it to actually be beneficial, I'm not even sure of how many buffs you can have in-game (without using Daino).

And i'm back after a weekend away on a trip. That's minus two days on my game time. Sad

I used to have Cure at 5 then just eased it up to 1 for now since I wanted to see what I could do with the other skills an Cure sucks when it comes to flying monsters anyway. I'd probably put back points into Cure if I find Daino less useful later on in my build path.

I included Daino in the skills that I've said I use a lot haven't I? I was probably drunk (not literally) As I've said, I often times play solo but I try to party up to see how I can make use of Daino, but I haven't tested so much as to see how far I could take it. So far I haven't reached what maximum buffs I could have. with it since low level players (-70-ish) don't play together as much as 100+ I think. I can't seem to get into a party with a priest or a buff crazy party as well to test Daino out more. I will keep Daino at level 5 though just in case I get a chance to further see what the skill can do. But if Daino becomes useless further into the game even as full support Cleric on a **Krivis>*Priest>**Pardoner build then I will have to drop it and go back with my cure.

As for the Archer class. I honestly did not know about everything you guys just stated there. I honestly thought that with the kiting mechanics of the game that Archers would have the upper hand. With having played only the Cleric class with AoE spells which do a ton of damage but can be easily dodged and no crowd control skills so far. I've only managed to win a duel against a Pyro when he stepped into a heal of mine thinking it would also heal him but dealt a huge amount of damage instead which made me laugh that i was actually I was crying.

I haven't played any Swordsman class so I can't say anything about them and how well and fast they will go through leveling.

I am really focused on how I would build a Cleric on iCBT2 for now since I have little time to give every class a go. It would probably be nice if I could get a high enough level before test ends so that I could see how well the build path I am planning to works out for a solo player like me who likes Clerics based on the assumption that reset scrolls will not come cheap when the game goes live.
Man, I've been looking forward to this game since I heard of it's existence. Now that it is so close to being done I feel like a giggly school kid waiting for friday to come. Haha
Overall, great feeback post on your experiences of the game play, Papapabzgaming.

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