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My own feed back
The CBT2 is not done , but tonight I have time to write something about it and another point is that Im now level 102 and I dont think I will still play 10h per day like I did for a week now .

Okay first thing I have to say is this game have lot of potentiel and if some point are add in the official lunch or will came laters , this game will be really my new best MMO ( I play RO for 4 years , did every WOE I can , did my endless tower with every character every week , kill dark lord 4 time a day minimum and more lol .Well when I like a game I just abuse of it ).

Okay now that Im 102 , I see no way to continu . I meen what is the goal of the game ? You know , in many game you want to be hight level as you can to be competitive in the PvP section . WoW , RO , ElderScroll online are good exemple to continu leveling up because you want to be better in Pvp . Right now in TOS its just kill for kill . You know , killing a monster lvl 1 when you lvl 1 , its pretty the same that killing a monster lvl 100 at lvl 100 . And it will be the same for all level ( I know lvl 200 need big team ) but overall , there is no REAL point to be hight level exept going on hight level map . I want this game make a result of all effort and time I put to get a goal . War of emperium in ragnarok online is a good exemple , because when you win castle , you have exclusive map and item acces , and its the same for Elderscroll online . If you want these exclusive stuff , you need to fight and to be competitive , you need leveling for that ..So there is a REAL motivation to continu grinding quest, map and farm item to get more money to get better stuff ect.

Overall my game experience is very nice , music from bgm just make me feel in another world , and dynamic is insane , market is nice too.The chat system is very efficient compared many game , and I think the stats system is overall well balance . Maybe I find mobb a bit too weak , you know in ragnarok online when you level 55 and chilling in out of nowhere field and you see a MVP from Bloody branch party that get abandon , he just instant kill you. You dont have time to see the mvp that you died , but couple month laters when you kill this mvp you feel like a king Big Grin Now boss in TOS are totally retard lol ,

Well tonight , I dont play lol , because I dont see any point to continu ( ofc I can explore more of the game and blabla but this is not a real goal for me , and Im sure many player will be up about this)  ( And Im so tired of playing like a pork xD )

I would be glad to read comment about my post and to answers , Im really open mind .

Valkiria Nicholas-Flamel
Onion LOL  
*Never played RO before but I get your point.

Also the boss AI script gets bugged due to the server lagging.

*Phone changed "Never" to "Need". Just corrected it.
Tahoka always dreamed of travelling around the world
She would stare out of her window longingly for hours everyday
Thinking what an exciting world it was out there
Little did she know, she was a Relevator, and the Savior.
I give RO exemple , but I really dont want this game to be RO . It was just a good exemple of reason to continu farming . ElderScroll and WoW are good too .
Onion LOL  

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