We are giving out one Tree of Savior beta key to designers. Instructions here. Winner will be announced on Nov, 9th.
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TOS CBT2 Beta Key Giveaway
Generous members from the TOSGame forum and friends from IMCGAMES have given us some keys to giveaway. We have a total of 8 keys to giveaway. 
To win the keys, you need to have at least one of the following: 
  • A Twitch Partner or YouTube Content Creator
  • Existing contributor in the TOSGame forum
  • Gaming news writer, content writer, etc
  • Unstoppable desire to play Tree of Savior
Regardless of which criteria you are in, you will need to let us know why you want the key and what you're going to do about it. The more you let us know about you, the better your chances of winning a key. 

Winning Criteria
The winning criteria is as follows (higher = more weight)
  1. Members with more of the above criteria
  2. Members who have been existing members in TOSGame forum 
  3. Members who actively participate in TOSGame discussions (spams do not count)
  4. Or, we will randomly choose winners 
  • This is the only thread where you can let us know why you want the key. 
  • We will announce winner everyday until we run out of beta keys. 
  • Only write one post, if you want to make changes you can edit your post. Multiple posts in this topic risk disqualification.
  • Do not "key beg". Key beggers will be deleted without notice. 
  • Post unrelated to this topic will be deleted immediately.
  • Only posts in the forum counts. FB private messages does not count. 
  • If you already have the beta access, let the newer members have their chances.
  • Other ways to win a key, join our TOSGame logo contest
*Winning criteria and rules are subject to change without notice. Let the game begin. 

Ritsuka (Key sent)
Maxildan (Key Sent)
GeekySweetie (Key sent)
Modinic (Key sent)
geonova7 (Key sent)
Milos (Key sent)
xSoyMilk (Key Sent)
wakni15 (Key Sent)
Nirial (Key Sent)
TreeofSaviorGame.com is not the official Tree of Savior website. 
Everything we (Moderator & Admin) say is subject to change without prior notice from the imcGAMES developers.
Vibration is the core of Law of Attraction

I played Ragnarok Online quite a lot. It was my first MMORPG, and I loved the mechanics, the classes, the atmosphere - everything. The termination of the project made me really sad. So today, when I accidentally came across TOS screenshots, I was beside myself with excitement! Beloved, familiar world grew even better than before... I can't wait to play this game, to try how everything works now, to gather with my friends and find new ones. And even though of all the mentioned criteria I have only unstoppable desire to play, I don't give up hope to enjoy the world of TOS before the final version release!
Thank you and have a wonderful day!
I found out about Ragnarok online through an ad in the back of a shonen jump manga back in 2004, as soon as I had a computer decent enough to run it I played the 14 day trial 2 times I loved and had to wait until I summer when I was mowing lawns to pay my subscription. I played RO with anyone I could get to play it and when ever I could. I've been following Tree Of Savior since it was announced last year, I kept missing beta sign ups due to work. Winning one of those 8 keys would be better than winning a cheap ticket to see the new star wars movie! 
Hellooo good evening:

To be honest i havent found any kind of mmo just like ragnarok was, i mean that game had almost everything an mmorpg needs cause of the class system, professions, combat mode and even interacting with others plus the fact that every character could be unique if one wanted to, now its been 6 or 7 years since last time i enjoy an mmo along with my friends so i decided to participate in this forum cause i am really looking forward to play this game haha and try this new 3d-2d realm of ragnaroks succesor.
I know this account is new and all that but i gotta start somehow Tongue
Sorry for any grammar mistakes, after all im from Latin America.

Thank you, and i do believe in the law of attraction, we are like waves...
I'm extremely excited about this game! It is my greatest desire to play it. I have been following and reading a great deal about this game on many forums, and now that I have a wide understanding, I want a key so I can give out my first hand experiences. What I am going to do about it is; by posting this comment and by wishing that I will be able to test and give my feedback.
I'd love to have a key for this game, I've been excited to play it since hearing about it from a friend about a year ago. So I'd be really stoked to get a key, I don't really have any special reason why I should be picked over anyone else but it's worth a shot anyway. Either way keep up the great work and I look forward to playing your game sooner or later (:
Congratulations, you've made me a participator on this forum!  Haha.  I've got a HUUUUGE Unstoppable Desire to play this game as it rekindles memories of my childhood, starting out as a lowly Swordsman on Ragnarok.  I've been watching videos non-stop and theorycrafting with this website's Skill Simulator just to figure out which class to play at launch; an impossible task.  And you're the only ones that can help me resolve this issue by letting me try them out!

Also to add, my work experience is actually in Software Testing and Validation so I'd be able to minimize your defect count moving into the next testing phase.

Make the right choice and grant me the opportunity to relive my childhood through your game for both our benefits!  Thank your time.    Bellhidar
Gather round kids, it's story time.

I am the lurker of forums here aka batman's unknown son. I rarely make any posts nor do I contribute at all when it comes to threads tho if it's to win a beta key, I'm all down for it.  Initially I had no intentions of playing the game, id seen some trailers online prior to the beta which seemed interesting and unique tho it just didn’t catch my attention as other games had. There were just so many other games that were also coming out that piqued my interest. Fast forward a few weeks or  months and I had realized id made a big mistake. The game from the trailers that did catch my attention came out where upon trying them for a few hours seemed lacklustre and repetitive. It  was just the same old mechanics as I'd seen in most other mmos (sorry dragomon hunter). Oblivious as to what I should play with high school soon coming to an end and a 4month long break till university starts, I was stumped as to what I should do. Go outside and play on a beautiful summers day?No! I am batman's son, thy body needs no light of day to be shon upon thee. It was then that I asked my friend  for help. He suggested to check out tree of savior which sparked a memory in my mind. Within a few seconds I had found out that the game was in beta. Sweet!...though I'd derped out by not signing up for the beta sooner. RIP.

It was just a beta, I could just wait until it releases in OBT I told myself….What I told myself was a lie. I could not wait. The advantages of playing in beta allows you to figure out all the tricks as well as giving you the opportunity to experiment with various builds; to see what works and what doesn’t. Days went by and I still couldn’t get my hands on a key. To make up for lost time, I decided to read up on the game; see what the potential of each class were and how each one could be built (there are supposedly 80 classes after all). I was dying to get myself into the game tho due to not having a key, messing around with the skill simulator and reading up on threads about each class had to do. Through hours of reading and experimentation, I had finally come up with the optimum build for the class I wanted to play. Did I post it publicly for people to read? No! I am a forum lurker who keeps all the secrets to himself. My greatest work, my greatest creation, is nothing more than a theory… I must test it, my desire cannot be contained much longer….those lucky people who got into beta before me….Their time is up, my time is now! My name is JOHN CEEEEEEEENA and I am dying to get myself into the game pl0x take my story into considertion T_T :C ;( afasdlfjdsaflasdnflajdskfasdlfnasdfldnsafas.

PS. I've never gotten to experience RO so IDK what most people have been banging on about. I was pre young when the game was hot so It'd be nice to finally get a chance to see wat people have been talking about. I have played RO2 however which was alright tho people have said it is trash. IDK really.

PS2. If I don’t win ill probs just lurk some more and pray I stumble upon a key that's been offered publicly

PS3. I doubt someone would offer it publicly, this is probably my only chance.

PS4. thanks for giving me the opportunity to participate, id also like to mention that I am a youtube content creator with 2 subscribers Wink ik, it's crazy, I cant believe it myself.

Anyways, now that I've finished stating all my play stations, I guess story time is over kids though tune in for the next episode of dragon ball Z!  Your boi Will Smith here, signing out, laters.
Nice - First winner don't even have a post in this thread!

I’m new to this community, but not new to the beta testing and to this type of games. I have some experience with bug-reporting and I can write them property. I spent hundreds of hours playing Ragnarok Online and would be really glad if I would be able to take a part in this game. Sadly I'm not a streamer, or a journalist. Mostly, I’m just a guy who want to have some fun.

PS: I insist that the first key should go to Quintilis. Seems like unlucky guy, and avatar is from Manga / Anime I like
Rainbow Puke
Well, I am apparently one of those lowly members who only have an incredible desire to play, since I do not have any of the other requirements, but here I am giving my attempt!

I am certainly very, very very interested in TOS, been checking it for the past 6 months now, and honestly due to work/school haven't even signed up for the Beta keys. An oportinity has opened so... here we go.
Avid MMORPG gamer since 2004. Played pretty much every famous MMORPG out there (Elsword, WOW, Tera, Perfect World, Fiesta, Flyff, Secret of solstice, MapleSt... and another 20 more that i could list down but no.), but of them all by far my favorite will and has been.. (wait for it...surprise! Onion LOL ) Ragnarok Online.(still plays it to date) Obviously the game is very old and as soon as i found out about the incredible attitude that TOS carries, with its heavy social/party aspects and incredibly varied playstyles, I found myself in love immediatly.
I can't mention how happy it makes me to see something like this coming to fruition and the game's story seems super interesting, the animation is beautiful and overall this game just... seems wonderful!! *^*

Games like TOS are what drive me to gaming. Interesting, vivid, cute and fun, so you can expect someone who will be very dedicated to the community and to helping in any way to make the game better. I love enjoying games with friends and making guilds and parties and pretty much testing every single new thing out there. (With bugs and all!)
Of course I have not much more to offer, other than to try and do my best to help make TOS the best game it can be, and to keep the community lively and drag as many of my friends as I can to the game Big Grin! (Already 4 on the list w00t!)

Hopefully you will take little Akira into consideration, as for it would be amazing to be part of this, which i feel is going to be one hella good game.
Thanks for reading!  Popoblue

Grats to the winnorz Smile

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