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TOS CBT2 Beta Key Giveaway
I have devoted many hours into iRO. Korean MMORPG Grind games are by far the best. After spending many hours farming Orcs for the Orc Helm and cards on iRO I can recall the joy you feel when you've just about given up hope for the certain item you've spent what feels like years grinding and then there it is in all it's glory. Spin

I would gladly jump at an opportunity to become a Beta Tester for Tree of Savior, Though, the only criteria I fit is a die-hard fan with a vast desire to grind on yet another MMORPG. Haha After having spent years on World of Warcraft pushing to rank up on world leader boards and many other time sinks. Even if fate has it where I must wait until it is further released I will be waiting patiently for this game. Fishy
Hello guys just seeing stuff about this game it looks amazing. I'm 31 and have played RPGs from mystic quest and breath of fire to ragnarok. Love RPGs but always had a passion for mmorpgs and played them all. This game seems to have a deep systems and I love the jobs it makes the game refreshing and ever changing. Star Wars is around the corner so I know you guys are set and getting ready obv you have lives and family's. At the same time having this great looking game for the holiday time would be great. I'm going to post on forum and stream for my first time very soon. Stream is there and have my captor card just ready to try something big. This could be it but I'm still new and hope to have a chance to have a very positive stream. Ty and hopefully see you in the tree of savior world. Angry had to put that bear reminded me of bleach srry. Lol enjoy guys safe holiday.
Hi! I've played many MMORPG for the past 12 years, since 2002. They were such monsters like WoW and Lineage, RF, BDO, as well as many others. But in any game I have not seen such a balanced mechanics in Ragnarok Online. For several years I had hopes for RO2, but they did not justify themselves. In many reviews ToS gameplay is very similar to RO, I would be very grateful if you give them the opportunity to try the game and I hope to feel the same feelings that I had when I played in the RO. Thank you!
For a while i decided not to reply to this post because i didn't think i'd actually get this opportunity but...well, here goes

My first MMO ever was a game called Secret of the Solstice, i played that game for 3 years and until it died and then i played Solstice Reborn until that eventually died too, after that i joined the WoW bandwagon and haven't looked back.....except when im crying about wishing there was a 2.5D top down view like game with tons of classes that you switch to...if you want.

Then one day while nostalgia is washing over me and im listening to the BGM of SoTS on youtube, i look through the comments and a guy who had played SoTS says to check out Tree of Savior if you want a game similar to SoTS.....i check it out with not much expectancy, and after seeing one gameplay video i wondered how i had never heard of this game.
It looks like everything ive wanted since SoTS and i like many have played many MMO's trying to recapture that feeling but none have done it for me, until i saw Tree of Savior (yes i played Ragnarok too, and all i can say there is awful graphics, unhelpful community, and an equally unhelpful tutorial)

At this point i guess i should say that I'm quite a good beta tester and have been and am in quite a few beta's for games;

SWTOR, Tera, Blade and Soul CB, Hearthstone CB, Need for speed world, Trove, The Crew Wild run, Minecraft Alpha, Nitronic Rush CB, Sky Saga, Heroes of the Storm, Hex, Wildstar CB and OB, Planetside 2, Global Agenda, Tribes Ascend, Monday Night Combat, Trackmania 2, Project Powder, and many more that i just cant remember at this moment.

I personally love to test games before they come out to fully test new features and find out whether they work or not and report on it, i love seeing games/programs improve over time with the help of loyal testers and i believe i am one of such.

Put simply, i have been following this game for about a year now....if im invited, then im a happy son of a muehue, if not i will wait patiently for the Open Beta or release and play this amazing looking game.

Alexander Webley
(12-12-2015, 03:21 PM)Sakiya Wrote: For a while i decided not to reply to this post because i didn't think i'd actually get this opportunity but...well, here goes

Well look like i'll have to be the bad guy here to crush everyone's dreams >.< Beta has been over for a few days currently. Thank you.
Tahoka always dreamed of travelling around the world
She would stare out of her window longingly for hours everyday
Thinking what an exciting world it was out there
Little did she know, she was a Relevator, and the Savior.
(12-12-2015, 11:41 PM)Melioetta Zyguard Wrote:
(12-12-2015, 03:21 PM)Sakiya Wrote: For a while i decided not to reply to this post because i didn't think i'd actually get this opportunity but...well, here goes

Well look like i'll have to be the bad guy here to crush everyone's dreams >.< Beta has been over for a few days currently. Thank you.
Yes, mod/admin should close this thread.  I'd rather people post elsewhere, preferably the "Introduce Yourself" subforum, where all these informative replies belong. The context of this thread doesn't allow other forumers to respond to any of the very detailed posts here. Sad really. Not only that, but the rest of this forum has been conspicuously empty lately. We're not the official forums, but we can have good discussions once in a while.

I'd welcome all you people into the forum if you'd just make a thread in "Introduce Yourself", because you're not getting a key out of this thread.
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I want one beta key ?

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