We are giving out one Tree of Savior beta key to designers. Instructions here. Winner will be announced on Nov, 9th.
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TOS CBT2 Beta Key Giveaway
Hello my friends!

I want to be honest with, I created the account for the key right now. But a little backstory, I was just talking to a friend and we came back to our anual mmorpg midlife crisis because everything we tried out since Ragnarok (for us euRo) died felt back. We always missed so much of the gameplay we loved. We, especially I, hate these WoW Clones. I actually liked bashing hordes of monsters, grinding better equipment, using my class mechanics to the fullest.
Just now we were talking about games and new release if there is anything that can make us enjoy and mmorpg again and came to the conclusion that what we really need was something like Ragnarok was, similiar gameplay but in a fresh new way. We just want to beat hordes of monsters and strong bosses together in an mmorpg again. Best would be if we also get the PvP we loved on top of it too.
Well in the end my friend concluded it's time for us to start being game developers ourself. ^^'
Then in despair I searched Reddit for a glimmer of hope and found Tree of Savior. Guys, you really made me happy!
It looks like a dream came true. T_T
The trailers, the gameplays I found at youtube really made me smile. And while listening to the game soundtrack I had this feeling, checked it it and you even brought SoundTeMP back to my life. That was even better than anything I could expect. I still listen to the Ragnarok Soundtrack regulary and remember the 'good old days' if I hear those songs I sometimes had to listens hours to. :3
Just for this, Thank you!

Well let's come to the point why I would like a beta key.
I would really like this game to be the dream I waited for, because it looks like it will at least be very close to it!
I would do anything to make ToS perfect. I would like giving feedback about anything I find lacking or broken in a way.
What I would also really like to do is to stream ToS in my language (German). I am not a twitch partner, normally I only stream for friends but I would really like to show them the game, share the interest and upload the highlights to youtube for later. I still have some really good friends I came to know through playing Ragnarok and it would be really nice to explore ToS together with them. Wink
To be honest, I am not much into using forums for casual talk but more for productive reports. But I am using Reddit a lot and this is also where I would like to discuss, improve and spread the word about ToS.

Thank you! You made my day today. Wink
- Sciguma
This game looks very exciting and would love to play it very much, i don't really do nothing but try to find mmos that are good but none yet seem to catch my eye. In till i seen Tree of savior which catch my eye FAST. My favorite thing is the look of the game it is 2D and 3D and it's just a unique design that i have never seen before. I really would love to play it! Key or not  i cant wait till this is officially open!! geez this is exciting, thank you for making this game. This is my reason why i would like to obtain the key ^-^ Thanks for reading!! Onion LOL
Good day,

I've heard of Tree of Savior from my sister many months ago. At first, I wasn't interested since I was already into Ragnarok Online at that time. But last month of October, I saw my sister playing this game. The gaming mechanics were amazing and the graphics were just breath taking. It only reminded me of RO. At that time, the game was closed beta so I couldn't register. But my sister offered that I could use her account until the next beta opens up again. As I played, I was having so much from the amazing storyline of the game and the gameplay. It was nothing I've ever played before.

In the mentioned criteria above, the only thing that I am is that I just want to play this game in my OWN account. It's nice to play in my sister's account and all that but I can't impose any longer. I want to experience leveling up my own characters into high level jobs.

Thank you for this chance that you have given us, have a good day.

I really want to play tree of savior. Since the day I saw its advertisement on facebook, it caught my eyes and my desires of playing MMORPG. Well it is my first time applying for a beta key for a game cause you know I'm really interested playing the game and I cant wait to play it. Hopefully I can get a hands on one of the beta keys that you're giving I will really appreciate your kindness and promise to enjoy the game and advertise this game to my facebook friends and in real life friends. thats all thanks.

PS: I really want to play so please give me a beta key. Big Grin
I actually have a key from the 2nd batch but my someone doesn't have so, I am trying my luck here to win one so we can play together. I mean, who wants to play alone when you can have a personal buffer/healer?

Best of luck everyone! See you guys in-game!
Four of my friends have Beta Keys and I'm the only one that doesn't have one.
Hey there sorry about my english btw. i just want to let know how exited im about this game ! i used to play ragnarok all the time since i was younger was my game for decades and i even play the 2 version and this remind me of all those nights that i spend playing and playing like crazy please let me be one of the owners of the keys i really want to play this sooo bad! i being looking for a game to feel like fetl before with ragnarok and this is perfect for me and my friends. please please i really want to play this game !! sorry about my grammar xD lol
well I just saw this post from facebook https://www.facebook.com/TreeofSaviorGame/posts/1676243675993517 and I want to try my luck here.. XD

I am a huge fan of ragnarok since 2003 till now, and have a private server for my own. When this game came out, I really excited to play it. So me and all my friends are searching for beta key, but none came to us untill now.. XD

I am an active Youtube content creator a.k.a. Let's player.
My channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/charstraygaming with 2K Subscriber.
If I get the key, I'll record it and upload to Youtube. Actually I'm gonna play it with my friend if I get more than one key, but it's too hard to get.. XD

and I'm the admin of this https://www.youtube.com/user/IDYTVideoMaker channel. there's "GameTeam" segment in this channel where we all play games and having fun. I can upload ToS here too.

Dunno what to say again. thanks anyway for the opportunity.
I'm certainly new to this community, although I have a long career playing mmorpg, I'm pretty interested in testing tree of savior from the moment I heard the countless classes and specializations that can be achieved in the game as well as the excellent system of party that lets you enjoy every adventure with your group of friends. I'm a big fan of fantasy games, starting with ragnarok online, I can not see the time that I can start my adventure in this new game full of challenges and experiences, so now I'm here trying to get a key. no more to say I look forward to the opportunity to enter the game and again thank you for the opportunity.
I'm looking for something new and intriguing. A game that'll make me get so engrossed in it that time starts to blur.
I've been looking for such a game for a while and I've played a lot of Online games in my time too. I'm highly curious about this game since It has received a lot of positive reviews from my friends who've gotten beta keys. Had I only gotten a beta key earlier I am sure I would already be playing this avidly.

I do hope that you can grant me a key if you have any left. I am looking forward to testing out a lot of ideas and character builds that I've seen on Youtube. Thanks for taking the time to read my submission and I hope Beta ends soon because I can't wait to play with everyone Smile

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