We are giving out one Tree of Savior beta key to designers. Instructions here. Winner will be announced on Nov, 9th.
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TOS CBT2 Beta Key Giveaway
Well hello! I am new to these forums, but I have been lurking around reading about Tree of Savior for a couple months now. I have a group of friends with whom I play MMOs, and one of them brought this game to the group's attention. That friend already has a key and has started to play.

Since he told us about it, we have all been very excited to see Tree of Savior's development. We all became friends years ago via Final Fantasy XI, and since then, we have explored new games together. One thing that has us really excited about this game is the variety and customization of the class system. I am also pumped to explore the crafting classes within the game. I, for one, have been wanting to play a fighting alchemist for years, and there really are no games that have the option of being aggressive with crafting classes.

I would like a key because I want to explore Tree of Savior from the very beginning and delve into party game play the friend who already has a key. I have never done a Twitch broadcast before, but I am definitely game to give it a whirl. I have considered doing streams before, but it seems like so many of the games I play already have thousands of people creating streams. It doesn't seem like there are very many English speakers with Tree of Savior channels, and I think it would be fun to fill that niche.

I have created a Twitch account and am ready to start streaming at any time! http://www.twitch.tv/sadhana_
Hello guys,

i just want to express how much i've been looking for a good mmo these past years.. i also played ragnarok but its not the same like it
was in the past so i quit playing. Then i found ToS and the desire for adventures has been growing for the past years and to be frank, I'm
at my Limit .. The desire for epic adventures and hours of playing has been growing for years and im about to burst, i'm at my Limit :x
Then i found out about the beta key give aways and at the Moment im about to burst, about to burst because of excitement.

Right now im a Student and working part-time so i would describe myself as an average guy but i can be so much more in another world.
In a world full of unknown mysteries and pure epicness im longing for adventures!

thx for reading and sry for the miss spellings but im hyper excitet right now!!
Well, honestly. Why do I want a key to ToS? 'cause its sad to see everyone in game at my friends list on steam Big Grin

Other than that, I, myself am a dedicated ex-Ragnarok player, like most of the people here (though I'm currently playing on iRO till ToS comes out Smile (or I get a beta key *hint hint* Smile )). For the last decade, I have betatested multiple MMORPGs, some RTS, and Flash based games, finding bugs now and then.

What really makes me intrested in ToS is the class system, the oldschool graphics, and of course the chance to play tons of hours with my friends. I'm also thinking to buy a new joypad just for this game Big Grin
I would like to enter - but am posting here for first time, so my chances are pretty low.

I run a small independent game review blog here: http://geekysweetie.com

I am just recently getting started with lets plays and live streams. I bought Action! in the halloween steam sale recently to allow me to stream to Twitch and record videos for youtube. I'm not sponsored on either platform though and don't have much of a following yet since I've only been doing this for like a week and working on my first let's play video still.

I am new to the forums here admittedly. But I have been lurking and following the game closely for a few months. 

What I love about TOS:
Memories from my time spent in RO
The Cute Retro Anime JRPG Pixel Art Style 
The sheer number of classes and advancement options
Crafting System
Achievements and Ranking System
Cosmetic Items to personalize our characters
XP bonuses for being in a party

I played RO beta and for several years when it went pay to play up until the release of ffxi where I switched to that game for several years. I later revisted RO when it returned free to play but most of my friends had moved on. A lot of my friends are getting into TOS so of course I'd like to join them! My very first MMORPG was Everquest back in the mid 90s when it was in its glory days. I've played countless other MMORPGs over the years including but not limited to: Perfect World, Aion, Mabinogi, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 1 and 2, Star Wars, Graal, Furcadia, Kingdom of the Wind, and Dragon's Nest.

I've been playing games for over 2 decades and love retro games as well as current next gen games. I have almost every console realeased within the last 2 and half decades and I also enjoy PC Games. I play mobile games too and not afraid to admit it. I'm a huge anime fan too. Also like Visual Novels and Otome games. I enjoy both JRPG and also western developed games. Kdrama and Asian Balljointed Dolls are my guilty pleasures.

My Top Ten Favorite Game Series:

  1. Persona
  2. Lunar
  3. Xenogears / saga / blade
  4. Planescape Torment
  5. Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side
  6. Suikoden
  7. Chrono Trigger / Cross
  8. Catherine
  9. Growlanser
  10. Star Ocean
My Top Ten Favorite Anime
  1. Peach Girl
  2. Aishiteruze Baby
  3. Chobits
  4. My Little Monster
  5. Tegami Bachi
  6. Wolf Girl and Black Prince
  7. Nagi No Asukara
  8. Sailormoon (both the 90s version and crystal)
  9. Lovely Complex
  10. Full Moon Wo Sagashite
My Top Ten Favorite Manga (without anime adaptations)
  1. Absolute Boyfriend
  2. Guru Guru Ponchan
  3. Mars
  4. Beauty Pop
  5. Hot Gimmick
  6. Meteor Prince
  7. Milky Boy
  8. The One
  9. Clover
  10. Charming Junkie
My Top Ten Favorite Kdrama (including Jdrama and Tdrama)
  1. Angel Eyes
  2. I Can Hear Your Voice
  3. Marriage Not Dating
  4. Fated to Love You (I prefer the original Taiwanese version)
  5. Someone Like You
  6. 90 Days Time to Love
  7. Cinderella Man
  8. Absolute Boyfriend (once again prefer the Taiwanese version)
  9. My Love From Another Star
  10. Autumn in my Heart
I'm a nice person who loves to make friends and want to get into TOS early so that I can help others when the game goes live by sharing with them any info or tips I've picked up along the way. 
Thank you for your time and consideration. <3 Goodluck to whoever gets these keys ^-^ Hope you have fun in game! See you soon (either if I get a key or when the game goes live.)
Hello. I'm going to skip the pointless banter/groveling and just say that I've been following this game for a while now, and am an avid MMORPG player besides. I was really stoked to try out the game, but somehow missed both signup deadlines like the mindless fool I am. Since then, I've been scouring the web for any key giveaways daily, and so far have entered (and failed) four. I would really like to play the game. I'm usually drawn towards MMORPGs with large amounts of class options and "satisfying" combat (I really enjoyed Dragon Nest until they destroyed it recently), so naturally seeing Tree of Savior would have 80 specializations by release was a sort of euphoric experience for me.

Outside of the gaming world, I enjoy all realms of fantasy content - and occasionally other genres as long as it's not historical non-fiction - in the form of books or movies. My favorite medium for entertainment is, however, anime. (One Punch-Man is my current source of weekly bliss).

My only real bargaining point for this giveaway is that I love writing, and fantasy is practically the only thing that involves me on a day-to-day basis. I can't really offer any "news/content" writing, but I would love to put out a ToS-based short story or fanfic... or whatever else have you.

Seeing as this is my first time posting on the website, I will also mention that in all honesty, I tend to not be super active in forum-related environments when it comes to frequent short posts and browsing, but would be happy to contribute anything in the way of creative writing material.

I look forward to seeing the winners!
I am a youtuber,  in the past i play a lot to RO and i whish i could use this key to play and share this content. The game really gives me hope and I really want to get this key. Thank you in advance has soon
hello, my name is Diego Quevedo and im from chile, i would love to play this game and recieve a beta key because i was waiting for a game which makes me feel excited, and happy and makes me dream about the character and the future adventures i will have, and with this game i am dreaming again, its very important for me to win this beta key because i been sick about 5 month ago and im getting better slowly and this will be the best notice i will recieve, i'm getting better , i'll finish my career of graphic designer in december and the beta key will be "la guinda de la torta" a spanish saying about many good news you can have.

i hope i could win this contest although my bad english , sorry about that :abs

Holy crap Im really eager to play this game in its entirety because its what I have been waiting for! Please I am ready for the Beta Key! Let me in!
i am desperate to play this gamw Onion LOL Onion LOL cant loose another chance to obtain a key because its been a while i ve been thinking about this opportuniti to star playing tos beta with new players and see how things will suceed. tos w8 for me Rainbow Puke Rainbow Puke Rainbow Puke Kiss
Hello there,

First off, I am a big fan of RO aka Ragnarok Online since it came out, and ever since hearing about Tree of Savior from my relatives and a few friends who have already received a beta key. I've check out everything about this game. I watch almost every video on YouTube about this game and all the classes. I am AMAZE on how awesome this game is and the complexity. Totally awesome, love it.

I am not a big YouTuber nor Twitch, but hoping to get more into it in the future, once I find the right game. I do have an account I made for twitch which was supposedly used to play HOTS and LoL which I never really got into (Youtube & Twitch account MattZV, which I have made a while back and still uses it to view videos and gamers). I promise I would be actively participating in discussions and contributing to forums. Also, I am already on the edge of getting this game and being unstoppable to play ToS.

Thank you for giving us another chance to show our desirable and urge of wanting to play this game.

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