We are giving out one Tree of Savior beta key to designers. Instructions here. Winner will be announced on Nov, 9th.
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TOS CBT2 Beta Key Giveaway
I'm not on the "Winning Criteria" But, I'm just gonna give it a try and see if I can win. You're probably thinking.. Hey! you just barely registered for this forum just cause you seen the "CBT2 giveaway thread?" yeah sorry but who wouldn't? haha. Just came across this website/forums while looking for more guides, info about the game and decided to give it a shot on the giveaway.

I barely just got back from my trip out of the country couple days ago and since I'm unemployed till next year of march. I decided I wanted to dedicate myself to an MMO until the time being and came across tree of savior from a youtube side link. Everyone kept saying that this was the next generation RO and found that to be true from all the videos and streams I've been researching. So, I decide to look at the website and what do you know? Final keys were handed out on nov 7th already and was pretty much to late. I was basically looking the past 2 days for beta keys and nothing seem to pop up. Just gonna keep trying until I get the special beta key to start playing!

I've had experience with RO in the beginning right when it came out back in 2002. I seen my brother playing it when I got back from my manila trip and just watched him play the whole day. He was playing most of it since it was his computer and the only time I could play was when he was sleeping or went somewhere. But, when it was finally my turn.. boy, I felt it love with the game immediately and got super addicted to it. You could say it was my very first MMO and I've played it for about 1-2 years until my parents didn't want to subscribe anymore due to lack of grades lol. With the beta key I can experience, gain knowledge and test ToS until open beta comes out next month.

Good luck to everyone.

I'm waiting this game from Project R1, and because the maker is from the legendary MMORPG (Ragnarok Online) Mr Kim Hyakku
I really waaaaaaant play this game, really!!!!

my history so far to get the key:
CBT1 > register before the actual date (no key T-T)
CBT2 > waiting everyday and register again before actual date (still no key T-T)
CBT2 (2nd batch) > try my luck to get the key again (no luck T-T)

And here i am now at tree of savior forum to try my luck again to get the key

Oh my Goddess Laima please change my destiny and give me the key to play this super mega awesome MMORPG 2015!!!

Best Regards and hope
I'm applying for every TOS beta key giveaway that I can find, I had no luck yet, but I'm not giving up.

I think my desire to play this game must be quite strong, since I literally dreamed about getting a beta key (I spent too many hours searching for it)

I've read that it's easier to get beta keys from other people if I pretend to be a hot gamer girl, even though my desire to play is unstoppable, I really don't want to resort to that, please save me!
Good luck to all the event participants .______.
Yo, try DUELYST, it's awesome!

Oh no, by all means, keep talking. I always yawn when I'm interested.
My name is Fábio, and I have an incredible desire to play. Yeah, but my desire is as intense as a 8 months pregnant desiring some eggs with peanutt butter!

My interest begins when i was 11, when i met the magic Kingdom of asgard, yeah, the asgard Ragnarok server. Well, it was a sunny day, and i won a Ragnarok CD when I was renting a movie on blockbuster (yeah, good times), but in that year, the Level Up Games' was the only Ragnarok server avaliable in Brazil. And the people had to pay some cash per month to play in there, but i didn't have any money on my pockets. That CD i've already won contains a code, and that code allows me to play for 1 week, and interally for free.

I wait to use the code in my school vacation, i was so excited to play that game... Then I biuld my char and spent a whole week in that game. Sleeping 12 AM, waking up 5:30 AM, eating in front of the computer. but one day, this week came over. I've sold almost all my toys to pay the month's fee.

Well, that was love at first sight, and i've never stop playing Ragnarok untill now..

So i have a question for you guys staffs:

"You would separate anyone from his true love, or deny a desire egg with peanut butter for a pregnant ?"
if the answer is yes , what kind of monster are you?

Thank you for the opportunity to enter this text and have the chance to compete for one of the keys!
Hi! My name is Andrew, i'm from Russia, and i have unstoppable desire to play TOS. I've played Ragnarok Online for almost a 10 years, and i probably wouldn't stop, if there's weren't one "if". Official Russian Ragnarok Online server is closing due it's unpopularity, and then i've found out about TOS. I was truly delighted by this game. Russians are not wery welcomed in international gaming community, and sadly, i can see why, but i still hope that i can get my hands on that CBT key. Also (even though i know, that it probably won't matter, but...) i have a gaming heading at local radio station, and i have already talked about TOS, so... i REALLY want to play it as soon as possible.

Thank you for the opportunity to participate.
Hello my name is Arnau and i live in Barcelona. I really want this key because i was following this game since i heard about it and i like to play it a lot. I can't sleep in the night because i can only think in TOS. If i get the key, i will be the best player of all Spain because i will play a lot of hours... plese give me this key and don't let me die

I've registered myself in the day that CB1 registration date ended Tongue

My background on the requested is:
- Really desire to play the game because I've played on kRO before there was a iRO for quite some time.
- General Manager and creator of several fansites of mobas and esports (StrifeHQ, Dawnsource, ...)
- Content creator while on Denial Esports.
- Past streamer on Hitbox and Twitch (not featured on twitch though)

GL everyone : )
I used to play Ragnarok some time ago, and just by seeing that there is a game where I can revive those good feelings and play with my friends, made me smile really bad. I want Tree of Savior because I can play it a lot with my friends and have a lot of fun. My vacation period is coming in few weeks and I want A LOT to be able to play TOS while at it. So i'm with an unstoppable desire to play Tree of Savior, a really unstoppable one. I could eat a car if that means playing TOS. My intenttions are to play it with frequency and enjoy the most of what true hapiness is.
My name is Vin, and I'm from the Philippines. I've been playing MMOs since Ragnarok was introduced here in the Philippines. Played almost every MMO out there, from the ones who have them kick-ass graphics to MMOs you can play through a browser. Name it, and I've most probably played it. Despite all the games that I've played, I always went back to playing Ragnarok. There's just something about the game that makes me want to play it. It's simple but yet very complex. And then pRO decided to shutdown and most of the players migrated to iRO (so did I). I'm still playing every now and then, but it's different now. The entire game is UNBALANCED and literally BROKEN. I've been looking for an MMORPG to play for months now, checked a few, then I was told by my colleague about TOS. Looked it up in youtube, reddit, every where in the web, and the 1st time I saw the game I was like "F**k! I need to play this game" this is my game, this is where I'll be spending at least 16 hrs a day playing. Damn if I lasted 1 week in the internet cafe only eating noodles so I can grind and hunt for bosses in Ragnarok, I'm willing to eat noodles for the next 4 weeks to play this game and grind my ass off. To the creators of this game, Thank you! Thank you for making Ragnarok. You guys literally completed my childhood and made me the gamer that I'am now. And now that you've created something BETTER than the game I used to love (still love), I'm looking forward to enjoy everything you worked hard for us in TOS. I may not be able to play during beta test (but of course I'm hoping I get to... /gg) but I will definitely play this game with my friends and we'll be storing more noodles this time. Smile cheers!

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