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[Guide] Gem Socketing
Gems are... truly outrageous. truly truly truly.. outrageous - Taric

The reason I have made this guide is to give advice and since the main TOS website forum at the present is giving an error like this.

Accessing them from their main website first: treeofsavior.com

Accessing them from google or from any other website first.

Putting gems in the sockets of your equipment can be a tricky task when you have just started to play the game. I will guide you step-by-step in the art of gem socketing. Popoblue
pro-tip: click the images for better viewing lol

First, head to the main town of Klaipeda and find the blacksmith. The blacksmith is represented as an anvil in the map.

Once you found and talked to the blacksmith, choose the option <Socket Management>.

It will bring you to this window:
Right click your desired equipment then press the <Add Socket> button. Pressing the button will make the <? Undecided Panel> be made into an <Empty Socket>.

After that, the blacksmith's job is done. Now open your inventory and let's check that equipment.
Notice that there is an empty slot there at the side?

Putting the gem in that socket is easy. Select the gem of your liking and <Right click> it.

Scrolling up to see your equipment will show you this:
Notice that the green check marks indicate that it is available.

...And you are done!

I hope you enjoy the your new enhanced/downgraded weapon and thanks for reading! Onion LOL

ps. I am well aware of the fact that the directions are indicated at the bottom-most description of the gems. The font is so small that it is easily passable for the first time so I still made this guide. Cheers!
Also don't forget, later on in the real game there will be alchemists, alchemists can roast gems to make the downsides significantly less! Around 2/3 less effective, e.g. a -10 accuracy will be only a -3 accuracy!
Yep. I just didn't include the gem roasting mechanic here since this is just a guide about gem socketing.
But still it is a nice add on.
Thanks for adding that info
Nice ^^ Thanks for the guide, I was having trouble with the gems Smile
If I'm a pair of basketball shoes, then you're a pair of flip flops.
No problem! I'm glad I was able to help :D
yep, and there it goes, i sold all my gems coz i've no idea how does it works... GG!!
(11-11-2015, 11:52 PM)onadinz Wrote: yep, and there it goes, i sold all my gems coz i've no idea how does it works... GG!!

lol GG powers dude Big Grin
Still wondering on how "gem roasting" works. From my understanding, and as mentioned above, it decreases the downsides of equiping gems to weapons. Any idea on the exp of gems? (sorry for the newb question Smile )
thanks for share in informative information.i am in trouble while i play this stage but from your article i solve it very easily Microsoft MB6-705 exam questions.

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