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Nov, 3rd Maintenance Patches
[Image: CO6s2yF.jpg]

There was a patch yesterday during the maintenance period. Here is the list of patches for yesterday's maintenance update. 

1. The attributes have been changed as follows.
- Keel Hauling: Fixed the error where the enhancement attributes were not applied.
- Life Line: Residual DEF -> Changed to the increase in Life Line neutralization.
- Arcane Energy: On Additional Damages Attribute, additional SP consumption has decreased.

2. The problem where the item skill animation was keep displaying when you holding onto C key was fixed.

3. The problem where the monster didn’t appear during the cut scene of “The Attacked Historian” quest has been fixed.

4. While doing some quests, the problem where the portrait of Fedimian Item Merchant was not displayed properly was fixed.

5. Some of Archer skills’ tooltips have been changed to “Missiles”.

6. The effects of Steady Aim have been changed to be applied to only the skills that have Missile property.

7. When dealing the damages that have Earth property after using Hexing on monsters, the problem where the monsters become petrified has been fixed.

8. The problem which the limit on skill usages got reset when changing the map after using the skills that have usage limits was fixed.

9. Monster Gems were newly added.

10. The Team Name of the other party will now be displayed when doing a trade. (trade request and trade window)
※ When you modify any of the files in the client, the game will not be executed.
- If any of the files were modified, please reinstall the client.

11. Skills were changed as follows.
- After casting Warcry, the time which your character stays stiffen was adjusted.

12. Attributes were changed as follows.
※ The problem of wrong prices on certain attributes was fixed.
- Moulinet: Critical
- Skull Swing: Jump Disabled
- High Guard: Increase in DEF
- Summon Servant: Faster casting
※ Additional consumption amounts were adjusted.
- Jolly Roger: Unity
- Summon Servant: Faster casting

13. After using Steady Aim, the problem which the amount of Damages increased when receiving continuous damages has been fixed.

14. Dispeller and Prophecy are now working properly.

15. Adjusted the difficulty of ‘Get rid of betrayer (4)’ quest

16. Fixed the problem of receiving reduced damages after using Mackangdal has been fixed.

17. Removed some recipes for certain ingredients from Equipment Shop.

18. When opening a Spell Shop, a message will be displayed if the seller has no ingredient items.

19. Fixed the error where the skill was displayed as used even if a player didn’t use Change Skill .

20. Item Awakening Skill can be only entered by party members such as Alchemist.

21. When the frames go below 30 FPS when running the game with a PC that has low specs or auto-adjustment, the problem where the texts for Critical and Overkill were not displayed was fixed.
- It is intended that the texts for additional damages or synastries are not displayed.

22. Fixed the error which the buffs for Sicel Bracelet and Wizard Slayer were not activated.

23. Fixed the problem of the effects of Restrain or Venom remaining when the skill of continuous damages remain after the monster that inflicted the skill on your character.

24. The way of applying Hexing Debuff has been changed.
- Now, the use of Effigy will be applied on the Hexing that is applied by another character.
(However, there is a problem with the additional damages when dealing Effigy 3 times. We are fixing it at the moment.

25. Underwent optimization process for the game.

26. Party quests have been added.
- Party Quests can be received from NPC, Receptionist Liam at the Mercenary Reception Office.

27. Sorcerer’s summon familiar
- The problem that it was misapplied as Physical Damage was fixed.
- The problem of Enhancement Attribute not working properly has been fixed.
- The amount of damages was adjusted.

28. Fixed typos of tooltips of some items.

29. Changed tooltips of some items.

30. The amount of Provoke application rate from Swash Buckling has been increased.

31. Changed the amount of skill level that can be increased with a Monster Gem to Max +1.

32. When clearing Item Awakening Dungeon, the problem which your character was not able to move outside the dungeon was fixed.

33. Fixed the problem which the HP potion recovery amount doesn’t get influenced by Stamina was fixed.

34. The portraits of some NPCs were added.

35. When you remove the Gem from the first slot, the problem of not applying the stats of the Gem on the second slot has been fixed.

36. The problem of the dialogues of Gorde Shatton at Shatton Resorvoir District not applied properly was fixed.

37. Enhanced Loading Speed.
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Vibration is the core of Law of Attraction
Thanks! I'm loving this game!
Point Brasileiro, venha!
Guild's Ragnarok Online
(11-04-2015, 07:12 AM)Andronicus Wrote: 25. Underwent optimization process for the game.
Tell us how well they did, Oriceles.  I might not be able to tell. Tongue

(11-04-2015, 07:12 AM)Andronicus Wrote: 33. Fixed the problem which the HP potion recovery amount doesn’t get influenced by Stamina was fixed.
Hope this means CON stat, so I can finally use HP pots.

(11-04-2015, 07:12 AM)Andronicus Wrote: 37. Enhanced Loading Speed.
A lot of other small and big things. Anyone's friends list work yet? Dodgy
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