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[GUILD] Voltes V - PvX | Social | International - Recruiting [25/25]

Our forums can be accessed here!

About Us

Three years ago, several guild leaders created a guild called Voltes V. The guild was named after a popular anime. The “V” was special because initially the guild was created by five friends, but as time passed, it became a community. Today, the V no longer signifies a letter or a singular number. It is a symbol we take pride in.

Not long ago, Voltes V was a place where players dedicated themselves to Ragnarok Online. However by now many have gone their own ways. Sooner or later, family, school or work would take priority. Nonetheless, paths were crossed, memories were made, and friends remained. We are more than a guild.

Much like a wandering bard, Voltes V traversed from server to server in search of a home. During its journey, the doors would open and people would come and go. In the end, Ragnarok was dying, many were leaving, and no one was joining. Those who remain are now a close group of friends who aspire to grow as a guild in Tree of Savior. We might have closed one chapter in our lives, but this is not where it ends. The journey continues.

Ragnarok’s unique selling point was War of Emperium, a GvG system which was much appreciated by all. Players would have to PvE intensively to able to compete in PvP. Hence, Voltes V is a PvX guild. Our aim is to excel in both dimensions, i.e. PvE and PvP, by seeking continuous improvement.

In Tree of Savior, we want to be referred to as a serious guild that is capable of retaining social aspects. Many of us are busy with daily life activities. Nevertheless, we are all capable players in terms of experience and gaming sense. We are dedicated players, we plan and execute accordingly. Best of all, we are one.

The story above entails what a group of friends have been through and endured. It contains insider lines, the ones that will make you shed tears, yet laugh at the same time, given you understood its meaning. If you are still reading, perhaps some time later, you will be reading a similar message, another chapter in our lives. Hopefully, you will be able to look back and understand the weight of these messages, how great it is to be part of a guild, a community, a team, and the difficulties that come along. Hopefully by then, you will know what it is like to be one of us, a member of Voltes V.

Current Activities

We are waiting for the release of Tree of Savior while a few of us are participating in the closed beta. Until the official release, you can find us either hanging out on Discord, trying out other new games or playing League of Legends.

Recruitment Requirements

We are looking for a social members who can be mature when necessary. Most of us are in our twenties, hence it’s expected to be able to display endurance, patience and understanding.
Members should be affiliated with gaming. Gaming should have had a major impact on your life.
We’re an international guild of different cultures, however, our members are expected to be able to read, write and speak English. On top of that, they should also possess a microphone.
We are not looking for elitists, solo players or leechers.

The guild consists of around 20 members. The amount of guilds slots available will be limited, i.e. around five. Once a wave of members is fully integrated, recruitment will open once more. If you’re interested, please leave an application at our new forums.

[5/5] spots in the initial wave are taken.
Hello Voltes V! Welcome to TOSGame forums!
Good luck for your guild. Btw which server are you playing in? Big Grin
During the open beta, we will be on Zemnya. We're just testing things rather than rushing content.
Some of our members didn''t get in and it wouldn't be preferable to have a big gap in terms of experience.
It hasn't been decided yet what server we will play on at the official release.
Since we're not sure how many will be open (HYPE), which ones will open and where the competition will be.

Thanks a lot ;3 People seem to be really nice in ToS.
Some people are nice, some people are dont. Just dont get on their wrong side and you will be fine.

I think it's always better to have at least 1 people who have more experience so he/she can share it with others. But that's up to you. The forum members are always here to answer your questions anyway. Smile

Btw is Zemyna crowded?
It's decent. Doesn't feel too crowded or anything. It's nice for testing though since you're not lagging. The first few days were horrible obviously. Never again.

It's nice to have a few experienced people, but it might be harsh to have people burn themselves by playing nonstop. Also, they might judge the game before the official release.
Right now, there are a lot of bugs, quests are too simple, classes imbalanced... too many issues I suppose.
We are no longer actively recruiting. However, feel free to leave an application! Applicants will be notified when a spot opens.

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