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Class advancement quests
Can you guys share yours? I'm not sure about how much they differ but the ones I got were pretty interesting.

In the Archer 2 and Archer 3 quests you receive a lot of books about Lydia Schaffen the word's greatest archer.

In the Scout advancement quest you have to win a 1v1 versus the Scout master. And damn that bitch can pack a punch, I got rekt two times.

So, how similar are the other quests to the ones I listed?
[Image: trainercard-Shiro.png]
Krivis 1 you only need to go to a house near the Crystal mine entrance, defeat mobs, and get relic

Krivis 2 you only need to pray on 5 different Goddess Statue in the first 3 area till Crystal mine LOL

For Cryo 1 you need to kill 3 dark mobs to get to a crystal they are protecting in the Cryo Hall in town

For WIZ 2 you need to gather Orb from the skeletal looking lizard in the Crystal Mine
So it looks like Archers got a little more love in the quest department (maybe to make up for the lack of love in the combat department).

PS: There's a typo in the title, could you please do your mod things dear Oriceles?
[Image: trainercard-Shiro.png]
So there are quests like that... Highlander 1 asks you to kill 20 vull-whatevers at the 1st floor of the mine to prove you're strong and that's it.
Cryomancer 1 for me was getting intot he pyromancer room and steal a scroll inside a chest protected be 3 ghost (lots of knockback they had x.x)

Linker 1 Gather quest materials from tenet chapel 1F and bring them back, them go back to tenet chapel 1F and get a book from another dimension (intance similar to boss fights) in a designated area (intance is empty just get and grab book) you get to keep the book and it explains the basics of being a linker

Linker 2 Fight agains linker master, she only uses basic atcks, can be hard without some CON and pot for a support mage

Chronomancer 1 You go back to escancio village and fight agains a lvl 135 version of the maggot boss (Repeating the fight again, only droped silver)
Barbarian advancement 1 and 2 is to fight the Barbarian master 1 on 1.

Any barbarian asking for help doesn't deserve to be a barbarian, imo.
Oh yeah forget to tell that in the archer 3 quest you actually have to pay 5K silver to the hunter master for one of the books. I wish I could get the money back during the Scout quests...but nope, new master is just trying to kill you.

Archers have it rough.
[Image: trainercard-Shiro.png]
I'm guessing Offensive type of class has to kill or battle something

while support type like linker just need to farm stuff LOL
For linker 1 you need to go collect a book in the chapel

Thats it

I still like the krivis advancement tho
You just go to statues and give offerings.

[Image: bApOGXY.jpg]

Panta : 08/07/2015

Quarrel Shooter has you fight an insanely difficult boss for level 15. Highlander and Swordsman 2 make you kill goblins and orcas in the mine. Barbarian makes you fight the barb trainer, he was tough.

Hoplite is also just kill stuff I think.

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