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Class advancement quests
I think Hunter C1 is also book fetching quest like Archer C3
When 9 and 9 meet 9, the depths of reason shall stir.
When the seal of creation is broken, a voice like thunder shall sound,
and thou shalt know-
We Have Arrived
Highlander C1 : Kill Vubble Miners in Crystal Cave.
Highlander C2: Kill the 4 leg monsters in Chapel B1.
Highlander C3: Will this boss in Vieta Gorge. Super Easy. I just stood there to AA and spam skill and at the end of it I only -200 hp. The boss spam a lot of skill but it misses. Not as in the attacks hit you but it says miss. THE ANIMATION MISSES YOU LOL
Tahoka always dreamed of travelling around the world
She would stare out of her window longingly for hours everyday
Thinking what an exciting world it was out there
Little did she know, she was a Relevator, and the Savior.
I remember the Hoplite quest was getting a special drop from each of the 3 bigger monsters on Tenet Chapel's 3 floors. I wasn't paying super close attention, though.
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Barbarian C1 and C2 are to defeat the Barbarian Master. C1 i had to try few times, because i was too weak at that time to finish him, until... he spawned with lvl 1, and I finished him in 2-3 hits. XD BEST BUG EVER
[Image: 2aaastv.png]
Peltasta c1 : Kill 15 or 25 Vubbe at Crystal Mines 1F.

Peltasta c2 : Collect Glizardon Bones from Tenet Chapel 1F. It takes sometime to complete it as there are only a few Glizardons around there.

Peltasta c3 : Solo fight a boss (forgot its name, but its appearance is like a Reaper) at Ramstis Ridge. It is a magician-type and annoying as hell if you are a full tank like me. Just make sure to bring some potions. It took me around 15-20 minutes to kill it.

Squire c1 : Go to Poslinkis Forest, gather 3 or more monsters around you. You can use swashbuckling or just hit monsters 1 by 1. After 3 or more monsters are gathered around your character, press V to use the rope that was given by Squire master. They will get tied up. Do it 10 times and you are done. No fight, no blood. Super easy.

Squire c2 : in progress
Sadhu1: Defeat Sadhu Master.... he only use melee attack and not a single skill.... not that tough

Sadhu2: Need to kill 10 Red Tree Ambulo at the Apsimesti Crossroads (lvl 133 area)

and i was only 127 at the time and walking to a new area is a pain if u don't know what the next portal is :v
Cryomancer C1: Stealing a book from Pyromancer's Place in Klaipdea [Easy peasy, lemon squeezy]
Cryomancer C2: Retrieving an item from a boss fight around Miner's Village [Caught me off guard but wasn't bad]

=w= I'll have to update this as I go, going Elementalist C1 soon
I just advanced to Hoplite Circle 2. The quest was to upgrade a spear to +6.

This could have been very simple for me, since I'd already upgraded my current spear to +5. However, my first +6 attempt failed, costing 1 Potential and dropping the spear to +4. Grade back up to +5, then my second attempt at +6 succeeded.

I know you all wanted to know about my little doings, but I thought I'd mention it to show what can happen after +5. I had to pay the money every time I pulled out the anvil, success or fail.

So for Hoplite I have:
Circle 1: get drops from big mobs in Tenet Chapel
Circle 2: upgrade a spear to +6
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Sapper C1: Find and return some lost items to the NPCs in Klapedia.
Sapper C2: Kill some dedorio? the plant monsters at crossroads (where the lvl 90 dungeon is located) to collect some bomb materials and test it to a monster.
my build will pierce the meta

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