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[EQUIPMENT] Different type of equipment has different main attribute
[Image: SOlk8mg.jpg]

In general world of MMORPG, weapon's main attribute is attack and armory's is defense. Everybody used to know that. Yet in TOS, everything has been changed. Now:
1. Shirt's main attribute is PHYSICAL DEFENSE
2. Pant's main attribute is PHYSICAL DEFENSE
3. Glove's main attribute is ACCURACY
4. Boots' main attribute is EVASION
5. Ring's main attribute is MAGIC DEFENSE
6. Necklace's main attribute is MAGIC DEFENSE
7. Weapon's main attribute varies between PHYSICAL ATTACK and MAGIC ATTACK.

[Image: 3rS3F4V.jpg]

Several things to be noted in regard to the main attribute difference of the equipment:
Bellhidar When you + the equipment with the anvil, the attribute which is affected is the MAIN ATTRIBUTE.
For example: you + a top armor, you'll get additional PHYSICAL DEFENSE. You + a glove, you'll get additional ACCURACY.
Bellhidar Another proof that the game has rich mechanic and a vast degree of freedom is that the MAIN ATTRIBUTE does not affect the value of such equipment.
For example: you can see the screenshot of the glove above, it is considered the best glove in the early game due to its +10 STR effect. There are gloves with better MAIN ATTRIBUTE (which is ACCURACY for glove), but people can ignore the fact and go for the more beneficial side attribute instead.
Bellhidar It might sound OOT, but there is another slight proof that the freedom is amazing in this game: the attribute bonus when you wear the same material of equipment (leather, cloth, or plate) applies already when you are wearing 3 equipments (out of 4) instead of forcing you to wear a set of same material.

[Image: 98AFPL4.jpg]
Only his companion will reveal one's true achievement.
That does sound very good. What it means to me is, I can heavily invest in one or two levelup stats, and let equipment fill in the rest. For example, getting only STR and CON, but having enough Accuracy from equipment to hit most of the time.
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Who drops that glove? ._.
(08-13-2015, 05:33 PM)Zilox Wrote: Who drops that glove? ._.

Short story:

[Image: O5bIlAw.jpg]

Long story:
I was exploring the map and killing a vubbe fighter without any purpose. The mob dropped the blood and somebody who was beside me congratulated me. I was not aware exactly what was happening, therefore I asked him. He explained to me that the blood was a very rare drop and people were farming for it with frustration. Turned out it was an ingredient of the amazing glove thus I searched the recipe on the market (didn't even know who dropped the recipe) and crafted it. Have a good day.
Only his companion will reveal one's true achievement.
what about card ? I didnt see a tread , and I just got specter monarch card, need to know if its good or not lol . ANd dam someone can tell me how to post a tread , im only able to answer to existed tread -.-
Onion LOL  
(11-07-2015, 11:07 AM)Jsg Escape Wrote: ANd dam someone can tell me how to post a tread , im only able to answer to existed tread -.-
Better check this information.
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That necro tho. Why doesn't anyone read nowdays.........
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She would stare out of her window longingly for hours everyday
Thinking what an exciting world it was out there
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I have a [Cloth] glove that Amplifies Magic by 5 instead of adding accuracy. I think. I'll check later and post a Screenshot.

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