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[PVE]Class Tier List by blueblue ver. 1.1
(10-04-2015, 12:20 AM)Mark Anthony Cabuco Wrote: thanks for the information. really a great guide.

The information may be inaccurate.
As mentioned, a lot of balance changes have been made since this thread was last active.
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would be great to see this updated. I would like to know how the archer(and the other similar classes) rank now.
The memories of a good time playing Ragnarok Online.
Yeah, I would not use this list right now, things have changed, especially barbarian.
Can i know if this build is good to do pve/leveling? , all opinions will be welcome.


(08-08-2015, 10:05 PM)blueblue Wrote: *I will not include Circle 6 classes, such as Centurion, Necromancer, Oracle, etc...  Also, I ranked it purely on the class itself and it's ability to level up to the next class.

*red text means edited

S Rank: A class that can solo by itself without any problem.  Fast leveling guaranteed.
A Rank: A class that can solo by itself and levels slowly compare to S rank.  It has flaws that can be ignored.
B Rank: A class that can solo, but farms slowly.  Excellent for parties.
C Rank: A class that can solo, but it's frustrating to play. It can do better with a party member.  Slow leveling.
D Rank: A class that can't really solo.  It can be better in a party
F Rank: A class that flat out sucks dick and shouldn't be played.  You are gonna live a had life when you play this class.

S Rank - Barbarian,  
A Rank -  Highlander, Corsair, Rodelero, Cataphract, Pyromancer, Linker, Elementalist, Swordman, Sapper
B Rank -  Hoplite, Archer, Ranger, Rogue, Fletcher, Cryomancer, Psychino(Cryomancer), Sadhu, Paladin, Monk
C Rank - Peltasta, Squire, Hunter, Wugushi, Cleric, Wizard, Psychino(Pyromancer)
D Rank - Scout, Thaumaturge(great in party), Priest, Krivis
F Rank - Quarrelshooter(bugged and everything is inefficient), Chronomancer, Sorcerer and Bokor(bugged, AI is shit).

Unranked - Pardoner. It can be great if you are smart about it.

I graded archer class kinda generously, because it is such a shitty class compare to other classes atm.  But among archer classes, Sapper is really the most playable class.  The rest are garbage.

Swordman classes have a great time when soloing, except for Peltasta and Squire, which are supportly class.  Squire buff is OP and Peltasta taunt is OP.

Wizard classes are generally great also. They have ton of synergy with itself and with other members.  Just don't go Chronomancer.  It's really pointless.

Cleric classes generally do somewhat well.  Paladin stands on it's own quite well and Monk really shines in a party with Peltasta's high guard and Cleric's safety zone.

the end.

good job. now i have some ideas. thanks bud.
Imagine playing for hours and hours then see this topic where people label what you have been playing as F rank... sad story
Do keep in mind that this was made about 3 months ago. Pretty sure that some classes have changed positions by now... Maybe not all the F's though x)
There are only 2 tiers right now. Godlike and Trash

Godlike - Highlander, Barbarian, Doppelsoeldner
Trash - Everything else

It goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway, that was a joke. 2h weapon swordsman classes are just a major faceroll.
Yo, try DUELYST, it's awesome!

Oh no, by all means, keep talking. I always yawn when I'm interested.
You're trash. Worship my Highloner!
Tahoka always dreamed of travelling around the world
She would stare out of her window longingly for hours everyday
Thinking what an exciting world it was out there
Little did she know, she was a Relevator, and the Savior.

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