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Yunn does stuff
Long story short. Seeing all those streams I've become more...well -sighs- (god I want to play right now so bad) So going off the cosair sprite I ended up drawing in sadness while eating ice cream.
Drawing doesn't look sad to me. Maybe the ice cream warded off the creeping depression.

Nice drawing.
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(08-06-2015, 02:17 PM)Xylose Wrote: I share your pain.. Onion Cry

I know,  ;_; Sadness. Let's hope we can get in the next one.

(08-06-2015, 02:24 PM)SteelCrow Wrote: Drawing doesn't look sad to me.  Maybe the ice cream warded off the creeping depression.

Nice drawing.

If I drew something sad, I'd become more depressed ;^; and yes, my coffee ice cream helped a bit.
Coffee ice cream helps everything! Great drawing xYunn = )
[Image: U31dcDW.png]
Thumbs Up 
Such a pretty drawing! :o
I feel you! By the way, nice strokes! Smile
I totally get it bro, I FEEL YOU T-T
Royal I'm too cool for this thread Royal

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