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How to Use the Guild Compendium?
The guild compendium is a forum for Tree of Savior Guilds to register their guild names and recruit members from the forum. We encourage guild leaders to start early so that guild leaders do not need to waste time recruiting members when the guild episode releases. It has been established in Q&A #4 that guild system will not be added in Closed Beta Testing. That does not mean you do not have a guild in CBT, guild leaders can still organize party or raids without the guild system. The main idea of doing this early is to encourage community building and interaction between guild members. 

How to create a guild in the forum?
  1. Register as a member of the forum and activate your account
  2. Create a guild by pressing the "Post Thread" button
  3. Add as much information as you can. 
  4. Track your members 
  5. Interact with your members
  6. Private guild feature can be added in the future if there's a need for it
To organize a successful guild
  1. Pick a cool guild name and be creative about it. i.e. "Raiders of the Forgotten" or "Thundershade"
  2. Don't pick guild names such as "I am yo mama", chances is that people want to be a part of a cool guild with a cool name. 
  3. Create a logo. Successful guilds usually have a banner or a logo
  4. Track each and every one of your members. List them out in the first page and constantly update the first page for information
  5. Plan and interact with your members. 
  6. List your particulars in a template so that guild members can learn all about your guild easily

    1. This is an example template
    2. Guild Name: Thundershade
    3. Guild Introduction: I am the Thunder Cat, I will lead a team of Thunder Kittens!
    4. Guild Aim: Become the largest cat guild in Tree of Savior
    5. Guild Members: Jaga, Lion-O, Tygra, Panthro, Cheetara, WilyKit, WilyKat
    6. Be creative about your own template
This is a very rough guide. Feel free to suggest ideas on how to organize a successful guild Smile
TreeofSaviorGame.com is not the official Tree of Savior website. 
Everything we (Moderator & Admin) say is subject to change without prior notice from the imcGAMES developers.
Vibration is the core of Law of Attraction
Just going to mention (what should be obvious and is recognized as such by many) that trust is important and, without it, expect the unexpected to happen sooner or later x)
Sorry, but even when I activated my account, I can't post Threads Sad Help please Sad
Noobology: Check this thread here: http://forum.treeofsaviorgame.com/thread-901.html

(05-09-2015, 09:41 PM)Oriceles Wrote:
...new users will need to fill the following requirements to open their own threads and be a full member:
  1. Have 24 hours registered on the forum. 
  2. A minimum of 8 posts to open their own threads. 
This change will apply to all forums except for Introduce Yourself...
[Image: U31dcDW.png]
Just to be sure, is the international version going to have more than one server? Is there any word about that?
Asking, because I don't wanna end up in a guild that's going to a NA server while I'm an European, for example.
thanks very helpful information

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