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Poll: Which Payment Model do You Prefer?
Pay to Play
Free to Play with Cash Shop
Buy to Play with Cash Shop
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Payment Method
Edited by Admin: Blog Article Updates
This is the discussion thread for Game Payment Models: Pay to Play, Free to Play or Buy to Play.

[Image: tos-alchemist.jpg]

Andronicus Wrote:It has already been established that Tree of Savior is most likely to go using the Free to Play payment model with Cash Shop. Even the UI suggests the availability of Cash Shop as shown here

With the MMORPG market being one of the most competitive market in the gaming industry, imcGAMES has decided to go with the F2P payment model because this attracts the most number of playerbase. Sure imcGAMES can go with the P2P model, but only 35% (as shown in the poll above) are more willing to pay to play Tree of Savior. 

F2P has also seen as a more successful payment model as shown in League of Legends and Dota2. With these information, I believe F2P is the safer choice to go with Tree of Savior (which I believe is not enjoying the popularity it deserves). 

However, because Tree of Savior is still not a final product yet, imcGAMES are always looking to improve and reading feedback written on community websites. We shouldn't discount the possibility of imcGAMES changing into a P2P or B2P payment model if the CBT is proven to be successful. 

Current Statistics: 110 Votes
Pay to Play: 34.55%
Free to Play: 42.73%
Buy to Play: 22.73%

Original post by Radiacity
To simply put, how is this game going to be marketed? I'm wondering if this game will be Free to play (In-game shop), Pay to play (Monthly subscription), or Buy to play (1-time fee).
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good question ... i wanna know this as well ...
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Boobsto, enlargeto
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Shut up and take my money!

my true concern is if i will be able to pay
I believe the game will start off free for Closed Beta and Open Beta.
For the real launch, the first month (may) be free and then it will be pay to play afterwards.

We will know more information on these when the officials give their report. is not the official Tree of Savior website. 
Everything we (Moderator & Admin) say is subject to change without prior notice from the imcGAMES developers.
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I kinda hope for F2P with cosmetics item shop because I really hate pay to win type. If they cannot do it then I would prefer P2P.
I am willing to accept Free to Play with cosmetics, donations, and even to the point of being able to buy drop/exp boosts, inventory boosts, instant teleports, and other items that do not give a direct advantage, but simply making the game more "efficient".
Death... is but a new beginning....
absolutely hate paid to win
Boku mobile payment method pwease!! :3
I am unsure how popular various market plans are in other countries, but speaking for myself in the US- new MMOs, even very hyped up big budget ones, have failed in the monthly pay-to-play model =/

but a fair number have succeeded in pay for convenience/asthetics.

pay once model, with pay for asthetic/convenience in game split into a currency that is trade-able for regular in game currency was a very very good method in Guild Wars 2. and my personal favorite. since it made it POSSIBLE to get everything in the cash shop via regular play. (GW2 is still doing regular major updates and adding content years after launch, so i don't think they ran out of money or plan to halt development anytime soon)

I would be well and willing to pay a full AAA game title price for ToS ($60USD) and probably splurge a little on in-game stuff. (I also feel like if we can reach out to all the old RO players, most of us are grown adults by now with jobs, and can well afford to pay for those kinds of things.)

but I wouldn't want pay-to-play unless it was was super cheap like $5-10/month (6mo-1year break even). I hope it would not be unreasonable to want a price point in that neighborhood, since MMOs and console/PC game titles are inherently different in production costs and cost of ongoing updates and such. and I am unsure about whether or not Guild wars 2 is a proper example since the audience is drastically different.
ToS may very well target the younger audience, and thus different payment models may work better based on this.

pay to win is basically a model guaranteed to fail. and i am just bout certain that the ToS devs know that already, so i don't think we'll have to worry about that.

But that is my input.
F2P basically burned every single mmorpg that I played so far, forcing you into a cycle just because your friend is so cool with that cosmetic/circlejerks that acts like spoiled brats who mock you because you still wear that lv1 hat. And that's just scraping the surface of the whole thing.

I will never trust any developer that says "we will only go for cosmetic/mounts that won't give you any stats" because, simply put, that will never last forever and it's just a promise for the short term period with the sole purpose to get popular enough before introducing a fully fledged cash shop.
I played tons of mmos and all went that way, every single one.

P2P would be the only no cash shop insurance we can have, it's up to you to think if a mmo is worth the investment or not, for example my last mmo was Final Fantasy XIV (renew), I played it with my heart content then the endgame content came and basically ruined all my expectations with mindless grind for everything -> instaquitted but I don't regret at all having paid up to that point.

B2P would be even better, but I believe it won't happen, and it would be a failure considering that we have to deal with strong F2P competitors coming up (Archeage, Black Desert)

I think it will go F2P, with all the pros and cons. If they wanted to go P2P I think they would have said that right away like FF XIV devs did.

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