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Ur Odd Jobs Guild
"Only le God is omni-scient & omni-present."

Constraints are everywhere, limits that make it so life is more difficult than it has to be. Too little time, too little energy, too little knowledge.
Some things are not feasible by default, however others can be made to be feasible by bringing order to the meaningless and the chaotic.

We are a guild that is a mechanism for bringing order to the meaningless and chaotic, we are a guild that will make some things feasible that were not feasible prior.

We are Ur Odd Jobs Guild, and we are here to handle ur odd jobs.

The things that make life more difficult than it has to be, we are here to resolve them in exchange for golds.

Need to collect A amount of resource B?
Need help to beat Boss C?
Need some information about D?
Looking for someone to craft you E?
Looking for someone to do F with?

Whatever ur odd odd job is, Ur Odd Jobs Guild is here to save the day. Message us your problems and our members will respond with a reasonable quote and price in golds (negotiable with said member).

Ur Odd Job Problems + Ur Golds -->> [Ur Odds Job Guild] -->> Ur Odd Job Solved
In other words, this is like a mercenary guild. Accept a job, finish it with style, and probably get paid.
That concept looks cool, man. Best of luck to your guild!

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