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Community IRC channel or equivalent
I noticed that we don't have anything particularly like this. A lot of the communities I've been in have IRC channels, or something off-site where people can join up and chat about stuff. I think this is a nice way to grow the community closer or have more real-time discussions on interesting topics, without affecting the forums directly.

It looks like tosbase has their own set up, but I don't know if anyone here goes there.

Anyway, just something I thought would be nice.
Well, there's the group chat function in our Steam group which I guess might be similar? It only started to pick up some activity last night. (I know I saw you there for a bit before I went to bed.)
I think that is good too. I was just thinking an official IRC channel since it's more accessible outside of Steam (can be joined by webclients, mobile apps) and doesn't require logging in. I suspect a good deal of people already use IRC clients and it would just be another server/ channel to add on a different tab.
(06-02-2015, 10:36 AM)Ivalix Wrote: ...
It looks like tosbase has their own set up, but I don't know if anyone here goes there.

I'm on the channel 24/7. You can catch me there unless it's 3am in europe.

I guess it would be good to also mention that IRC is most of the time a passive media. Meaning that it can take time for people to start chatting back. They aren't staring at the screen nonstop so it is better to just start the conversation instead of waiting for someone to greet you back.

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I never open steam since I don't have any game there, and I've thought about this. Perhaps we can ask Andronicus about this... Yet I can make one with Mibbit, would you guys be there?
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(06-02-2015, 12:22 PM)Oriceles Wrote: I never open steam since I don't have any game there, and I've thought about this. Perhaps we can ask Andronicus about this... Yet I can make one with Mibbit, would you guys be there?

I'd definitely join up and hang out. Maybe lurk, maybe talk. I have always been a big fan of chat rooms in forums, I like the active approach of it. Keeping that in mind it would be nice if you could implement the IRC into a widget on the forum. Maybe below the new forum posts (Latest Threads). But please do not go with chatango or any form of shoutbox. I have used both of them before and shoutbox isn't very chat inducing and while chatango is good but it has too many flashy things. Different backgrounds, text colors, etc. A standard IRC would be nice. 
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If there was one, I'd probably be in it most of the time. I figured it would be something useful when the international beta or actual release is out - I'm not sure if everyone will play ToS from Steam, I'm assuming they'll have their own downloadable client anyway, mainly using Steam as advertisement. It's good that we have a Steam group too, though. 

I can imagine people using the channel to help answer questions or talk about events at a faster rate than forums. You would also be able to ping specific people and talk in PM outside of the game, in case you haven't found each other yet or are part of different guilds, etc. 

I think personally I would prefer an official link to a mibbit or related method to get into the channel (or just posting the server address and channel), rather than being embedded in the forum, just so it doesn't feel intrusive. 
Oh dear, IRC... that brings back so many memories... i think IRC is the chat i used mainly for a very very very long time. I even had my own Bot who kept my name the moment i closed mIRC. We had so many funny Bots around who sometimes quoted stuff you had said once. And a Bot who started a funny Channel-Quiz. Ah, such good times! The company i once worked for also used IRC as their way to stay in contact with customers.

I would use it again if there would be something like an IRC Channel for our Community. =)
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Anyway, if you're looking some random channel gamer, you can go to #Steparu@irc.rizon.net

Say hi to Steph or everyone else Smile
I think it was requested before, someone said this forum should have a Shoutbox or some sort of messenger.
For me, I like a chat room in this forum, especially for Guild purpose.

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