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[BLOG] Petition Against Level Up! Games in Brazil (Interview)
Discussion topic for Petition Against Level Up! Games in Brazil (Interview)

[Image: petition.jpg]

A couple of days ago I came across a petition, it says, "Forbid Level Up! Games to publish Tree of Savior in Brazil/South America". I got curious, so I did some research on the parties involved. I managed to contact the petition organizer, Fernando Marques who was kind enough to let me know what is going on in Brazil.

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(10-13-2014, 05:01 AM)Brent Wrote: Level Up REALLY sucks. They handle Philippine RO as well and they're doing an absolutely crappy job in doing so.
Since the publish of this article, many people especially the from the pRO have voiced out their frustration with LU!G. If they're that bad, why are you guys still playing the game??? @_@
This interview is ridiculous, this Fernando is completely retarded and lacks knowledge.

Level UP is not perfect, but is a very good firm, the best in Brazil. THERE'S NO OTHER ENTERPRISE ON BRAZIL AS GOOD AS LUG.

> But LUG's Ragnarok has bugs, late content, hacks and bot.
Yes, that's right. But it is NOT LUG's fault, it is Gravity's. TREE OF SAVIOR is a project made by those who hated how Gravity managed Ragnarok, how could you use that logic? Ragnarok is terrible nowadays, not only LUG's servers...

> But LUG's servers are p2w.
Not at all. If there are p2w, it is developer faut, not LUG's. ALL CONTENT IS DEVELOPER'S RESPONSABILITY.
Grand Chase shut down because of KOG, not LUG.

> But LUG's administration is terrible.
LUG has been improving its administration, today it has a very good one. I never had problems with communication and CASH.

> But if wasn't for smite, LUG would went bankruptcy
If this Fernando don't know, a lot of people still play Perfect World, Elsword and Combat Arms. And buying...

>But everyone is supporting that cause.
That's LIE. Here in the community we have NEVER heard about that petition, i found out by myselft a day ago. Nobody knows about this, and 2 thousand signatures are nothing compared with the amount of people who plays LUG's games.

Fernando, or everyone who's supporting this pathetic thing, stop crying. Put in your brain if some server or game is very terrible, it is DEVELOPER'S FAULT. Stop blaming LUG or developer~publisher contracts lacking knowledge PLEASE. IMC Games will NOT come from Korea to Brazil to build a new server in a strange country.

Sorry for bad english, and thank you...
First of all, indeed people usually blame Level Up for things they have no control of like drop rates, bugs, delay on content release and etc. But people need to take so much sh** from the company that it's kind of a natural reaction and I can't really blame anyone for it. I will try to summarize a few of the problems with LUG.

Customer support: Its bad, really bad. If you ever get answered, it will take for certain more than a week, and you will be talking with someone that lacks the minimum knowledge to solve any problem that you might have faced.

Structure: Servers are somewhat stable, but their IT team is terrible. LUG store and forums go down on a regular basis. For some stupid reason you can't make purchases in the LUG store with your credit card until you have spend a certain amount of money using other payment methods (WTF?).

Company behavior: Level Up director board has the mental development of a 7 years old boy. Until 2 years ago you would get banned from LUG forums for having a Super Mario signature. If you discuss about the differences in international servers of some game they publish you will also get banned. You also had to pay for access to the official games forums, and after 6 months without making other premium currency purchase your account would get blocked.

Localization: Is terrible, on google translator level to be honest, there are so many errors in translation that people end up patching the games back to english. Even the VO is terrible.

I believe the only people happy with LUG are the children that don't give much value to their money and keep supporting the company.
Btw Chemist reply is the kind of stuff I would expect as an official statement from Level Up: You are retarded, stop crying because you have no other option and we are the only publisher over here so suck it.
[Image: trainercard-Shiro.png]
I will be honest here.

First of all, I never played Level Up games in my life, so I can't tell how the company is.

I stopped reading the interview at this part:

Quote:Sadly, no. Aeria Games is a little better than Level Up! Games.

People want to have ToS here in Brazil, but they hate (with reason or not) the most popular publisher in here: Level Up. (I'm not saying being the most popular is being the best)

People don't know what a shitty company is. People don't know what Aeria Games is. Some points from someone who played one of their games for 3 years (Eden Eternal PT):

1) 1 GM (Game Master) for 4 games. Result: more than a year for updates and customer support is crap. Sometimes they didn't even read our feedbacks/bug reports.
2) They do what they want with their games (ofc, developer's fault in here): "Let's abandon this game and bring another one - Aura Kingdom - and make really great offers to force people buy cash items". 2 months before closing Eden Eternal PT/ES, if you look at the website, you'll see Aura Kingdom offers everywhere. Have I played Eden Eternal or Aura Kingdom? I don't know.
3) Related to #1, no communication between staff and players. So we didn't know about anything (for example, we discovered by chance they transfered Aeria Games Brazil administration to Germany).

There are other points, but I won't write the bible in here. I'm not saying that because I hate the company and I want them really bad, it's my point of view without passion.


Quote:Only a few Brazilians are against our case. Most of them work at the company (Level Up! Games) and some are players who have donated too much.

I doubt this information. In my opinion, this interview is tendentious against Level Up and it's trying to create an illusion that everyone hates it, and if you don't hate it's because you work for the company or you didn't donate. Again, I didn't play any of their games, but I think this is not true at all. So I work for Level Up Games just because I disagree with it? Please tell me more.

And that video....omg. Just because they considered to have a local server in Brazil it doesn't mean they WILL do it. Like I said before: "People want to bring ToS to Brazil, but they don't want X, Y and Z companie because they're shit". So, really sorry, because if IMC don't want to be developer/publisher here, we won't have an option to play this game in portuguese. Sorry to tell that.

I'll repeat, AGAIN: I never played their games, but there are a lot of people who just flame this company and want to make it the worst company ever. They may have reason, I don't know, but this interview is invalid for me.

I have to go now, sorry for the long text. I'd like to discuss it here. Smile


@EDIT: lul, thought it was a new post. Sorry. xD
[Image: d6018ba6a998cb9c49cc56f2e6bd562ef8fb94d7.png]

No my love, i'm not a children, i work for my money. I'm not defending level up, i had some server problems and other stuff too, i just do not could accept that hate speech. And this boy wants TOS here, but do not want any publisher here? How could? He wants IMC Games to build a server here? I doubt.

And i don't intend playing Tree of Savior, i really don't care how it would come here, i'm not crying over anything.

I agree about some things you said. The "say other games not from level up" they've changed it, thanks god, i complained it alot if you don't know, we all did it.

TI problems, they started posting solutions to game problems on foruns. Forum database still horrible, they need to change it.
(02-01-2015, 07:36 AM)Chemist Wrote: No my love, i'm not a children, i work for my money. I'm not defending level up, i had some server problems and other stuff too, i just do not could accept that hate speech. And this boy wants TOS here, but do not want any publisher here? How could? He wants IMC Games to build a server here? I doubt.

If you don't want to be treated as a child you should avoid behaving like one. Reply a hate speech with another one doesn't help at all in making people understand your point on a discussion. And what happens with Level Up in Brazil is pretty close to what happened with EA some time ago and is happening with Ubisoft right now. There's a limit on how many times you can disappoint people, and if you keep providing a bad service for a long period of time people will just hate everything related with your brand.

I'm not looking forward to see this game published by Level Up for the problems I mentioned in the previous post and if such a thing happens I would just ignore the Brazilian version and play on another server.
[Image: trainercard-Shiro.png]
Taking opportunity of what ShiroOu said above, I'd also play in an international server rather than a local server, mostly because of my bad experiences playing games with local servers (both developer/publisher and sometimes toxic community).
[Image: d6018ba6a998cb9c49cc56f2e6bd562ef8fb94d7.png]

Agreed with Celov, also It's a lot more convenient to have an international server as common ground for everyone (:
LUG PH's GMs sells godly items. Even sells hacks and bots. Yes it is true and I'm not joking.

Way back around 2007 our guild was one of the top guilds in ph in a game called RF Online. We also got one of the richest player (irl) in the game in our guild which I personally know because me and my friends play in his computer shop when we get bored in our apartment. Because the guild is famous, his shop was chosen to host the regional tournament in our region. And then we met the GMs.

The GMs sold to our guild master, the owner of the shop, an item that can turn you invisible. Not only that, he also taught our guildmaster how to do damage hack and speed hack. One year after that, the hack leaked by some other person, from another region, whom the GMs sold it to. Some people got banned and some people with connections didn't. However, it did not just stop there. With little analyzation , players learned how to dupe an item using what they had known about the hacks. And so the days of the dupes begins.

It took two years before LUG PH decided to upgrade their anti cheat system and only after that they decided to wipe out all the dupes.

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