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[BLOG] Reasons Why Ragnarok Online Failed
Discussion topic for Reasons Why Ragnarok Online Failed

[Image: mastering-700x387.jpg]

I shared an article a week ago on why was Ragnarok Online so Much Fun, written by Ramona Smith and it is one of the best written article I have read on Ragnarok Online. This time, I am writing the opposite, why Ragnarok Online failed. As a website dedicated to Tree of Savior (a highly acclaimed successor of Ragnarok Online) game, I will try my best to be as neutral as possible.

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Thanks for pointing out on the OpenKore project. It was a typo, 2003 instead of 2013.

When I wrote this article I realized that it is a highly controversial article that will probably offend some of the fans, if not all of them. But that's fine because everyone is entitled to their own opinion, especially when you agreed that experiences vary from server to server.
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I do not think the article warrants words such as "Trash" or "complete BS". From what I have heard about iRO ... their GMs did a pretty good job at bot control and the cash shop isn't too imbalanced at all. I have quit RO for a long time already but come have a look at mRO man ... It's as bad as the article multiplied by 10 times ...
Last i heard they have already shutdown and nobody get to transfer their account ...
I have not played the mobile version .... are they good?
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(10-10-2014, 05:21 PM)AlexR Wrote: I have not played the mobile version .... are they good?
I tried the mobile spinoffs and it wasn't the same experience. Actually, someone emulated the actual iRO servers on Android. It's called AndRO.

It works really well with the touchscreen.
I watched the video ... looks abit laggy to me ... is it the connection issue or what? I'll try it out and see if it's good thanks
Thaumaturge must be the best job ever if its available in real life ...
Penisto, enlargeto,
Boobsto, enlargeto
- Nathaniel
(10-16-2014, 11:15 PM)Michelle Bareneslai Wrote: I seem to remember the NA server's GM's saying there were things they couldn't do with the game due to GRAVITY KR not allowing it. I believe it was something like editing server side code a bit to get rid of RMT spammers?
I think the keyword highlighted in the article is "govern" ... from my understanding I don't think that means development or editing server side code.
Unbalanced classes were the true downfall of RO. The only way BOTs can really make a difference in gameplay is when classes are somehow overpowered by stuff/gear. Just by nerfing some skills I guess the BOT problem would have decreased. For example: in the beggining, Monks would use Asura in specific targets due to lack of stuff, but once they were packed with SP items from BOTs they started targeting everything, just because the skill has no real nerf, like a real heavy cooldown, for example.
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Velkran (diegofiuzab)
(11-13-2014, 08:22 AM)Velkran Wrote: Unbalanced classes were the true downfall of RO.

Agreed, tho I dont think it was that bad yet with the arrival of 2-2. Ofc there was classes that were ridicilously good at farming compared to others, but that was the nature of the game since day 1. Fact is, there just was no interest to balance anything, just add more stuff. Also, personally I felt it was kinda ridicilous that they kept adding new stuff and never fixing anything that was obviously broken or missing. Like I dont think Rogue's skills actually ever got past that "not implemented" stage? Big Grin

In a previous post someone mentioned that the MVPs were always easy except for Ifrit etc. Funny thing is, there was no Ifrit or MVP like that before the classes were all op. Like yeh, in the old days Eddga and Phreooni were still easy, but c'mon, before 2-2 even Maya was a bad-ass Big Grin
I like the topic on this one, hopefully the devs get a chance to read all this feedback....slim chance though. Either way here's my 2 cents.

RO failed because of a lack of an efficient release cycle. The game just did not deliver good new content and did not address existing issues before pushing out new content. Someone said class imbalance, and that's true. Also the class progression was really good up until 2nd classes, after that everything just got blown out of proportion... the direction they took to progress classes was too focused on just making each class do more dmg rather than making them more diverse and fun to play. Also, regarding the content, although there were many new areas, maps, monsters released there was no new game play depth introduced in all the time it was out. Whatever engine RO1 was built on seemed to have very little flexibility, and that really hurt it.

There were so many things they could have done with the game, more interactive maps, gvg style airship games/more mini games, card games, better story and generally more scripted content to make the world come alive....there was so much potential and they just never tapped it or simply couldn't. Also, If you're going to build an online RPG, then as the GMs you have to be extremely interactive with the community and the game world, you have to constantly introduce and entertain your players with new ideas and content....that's how WoW stays alive.

So if ToS is going to succeed, then I'd say they must have at least these things:

  1. A powerful & flexible game engine
  2. An efficient Quality Assurance team to test their new content and class balance
  3. Regular release of new content (at least one major releases a year, with minor updates & events throughout)
  4. A highly interactive team of GMs to both manage the game, and entertain the players utilizing the lore of the world

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