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[BLOG] Why was Ragnarok Online so Fun?
Recent blog post that spread like wild fire. It has been a long time since we have 700 facebook likes on an article. Big Grin 
This is definitely worth reading.

Read on the blog.
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Good that you pointed those stuff out, Ignacio.

The author actually called the vending place messy. For me that feels like the best place to be in. Especially during the early portion of the game, where nobody knows the market value of any items. I believe people spend hours and hours in the marketplace just to get a sense of the item's price.

Also, socializing. RO did not teach you how to socialize, nor did "life". I love the fact that most of the things we do in RO, we have to ask for help. For eg. Asking for a warp, trade, heal, party, direction, quest directions and so much more. We had to communicate.
One of the reasons it was so fun:

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Velkran (diegofiuzab)
This article was rather refreshing. I agree with basically all of the topics presented by the author. I also wanted to echo the following sentiments:
(10-02-2014, 12:13 PM)Ignacio Alarcón Contardo Wrote: I would add a few things that i think are worth mentioning.

3.- The card system. It works with expectation pretty much like TCG games, when you saw the card icon drop to the floor after killing a mob, and you get the rush of adrenaline or whatever, the same when you open a new card booster pack IMO.

4.- Also, the gear system, where you could basically equip anything to almost any character. It helped with the social aspect of lending good gear to friends, and also with re-playability, where each new character can use better gear and therefore level faster.

RO felt very sociable; via communication and share experiences, but it also felt like the character was my own. Unique character stat allocations and visual customization. I'm hoping the developers of ToS are able to provide some of these qualities. I'm excited for the skill/class progression changes and by no means want an exact replica of RO; just hoping for some homage elements.
(12-29-2014, 10:00 AM)HolyMeatShield Wrote: just hoping for some homage elements.

Then againm Kim Hyakku wants this game to be more like Arcturus than RO, so we may more homages to Arcturus instead.
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TreeofSaviorGame.com is not the official Tree of Savior website.
Everything we (Moderator & Admin) say is subject to change without prior notice from the imcGAMES developers.
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I was like 11 when I played Ragnarok for the first time, I have so many stories/adventures that I remember, when I hear the prontera/lighthalzen/morroc/payon themes, it bring so many good memories.

When I logged in the game for the first time, I remember losing like 10 minutes talking with Zion wondering why she didnt answer me, then I learned what an NPC was, the new players must have thought that I was crazy.  Tongue

When I joined my first party I made friendship with a girl, then one day I wanted to surprise her, and bought flowers on the NPC, I spent 1000 zeny!! it was alot for me to afford that time, and I waited and waited for her to log in so I could give the present, but I never saw her again.

There was a time when I got my first monster card, from a poring! my brother that introduced me to the game said If I sold the card I could get like 50,000 zeny! I got so happy that I would be able to buy a Tsurugi, then I ran to the NPC to sell the card, I sold to the NPC for 10 zeny!! I didn't look at the selling price because I was so happy haha, then my brother laughed at me, but later he gave me a Tsurugi!  Cool

After some years of playing, I bought the Takius Blindfold on the cash shop, I always thought that a blindfold looked cool on everyone, and I never watched the anime, until I heared about it and gave it a shot, the anime was so amazing, I didnt even know who Takius was, now it's my favorite item on the game, I dont trade it for nothing! they dont sell her anymore. :3

Ragnarok was an amazing game, I spent alot of my childhood there, It was so immersive, I wish that Tree of Savior brings me that feelings again!
one and only one reason, cause the community.... i have a friend that have another friends that play RO, and so on we ended up hangin together more often and even IRL (still discussing RO) *haha true story
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Besides the gameplay when I was a kid, I was drawn into the social side of the game. Even while years pasted and I had maxed out characters I still just sat there and chatted a lot. I'm sure a lot of people feel the same, it was like the first "custom" kind of game back then with the hat addons and whatnot.
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Like Roku said, after achieving all I wanted to achieve, I spent a lot of time socializing in Pront. The community was so welcoming, and people were always happy to help each other, despite being strangers much of the time.

Also hats. Hats were best.

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