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[BLOG] Tree of Savior Alchemist Class Introduction, Skills & Crafting
Discussion topic for Tree of Savior Alchemist Class Introduction, Skills & Crafting

[Image: img_02.jpg]

Kim Seyong from the TOS Development Team posted an update in the Korean official TOS Nexon blog.

Today's topic is "Alchemist Special". Alchemist is the 6th ranked wizard based class that will be introduced in the Korean Tree of Savior CBT2. Alchemist can attack enemies by exploding its own items that are dropped on the ground, but usually Alchemist engages in modifying and creating items.

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Quote:In CBT1, you have seen movement speed potion, cooldown potion, etc. These potions can only be produced by Alchemists and cannot be obtained from any other methods.
Much better than selling through cash shop. Thank God.  Popoblue

I also like Magnum Opus skill and how you have to discover all recipes!

And it's so enjoyable to watch her movements while crafting. Bellhidar
[Image: d6018ba6a998cb9c49cc56f2e6bd562ef8fb94d7.png]

Wow Alchemist are really something Big Grin. Love the animations and roles of it.
Rick James: "Cocain Tree Of Savor is a hell of a drug." *giggles*
Now, this is something! This game really starts to resemble old good RO. And i love how the animation changes with progress.
[Image: 2aaastv.png]
Does anyone know what kind itens we can create with this class?
(03-07-2015, 02:59 AM)sharcklol Wrote: Does anyone know what kind itens we can create with this class?

Liquid. >Big Grin
awesome i love games with a dedicated crafter in which only they can produce certain items. Instead of everyone just being able to do it if they reach a certain craft level and have the mats. This gives guilds a need for alchemists and allows alchemists to make some serious money :3
I hate this because Alchemist is rank 6 and Chronomancer is rank 5. This means I can't both have a dedicated crafter that can also dupe item with time reverse. MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN. Now I have to decide between the two... OTL

Pretty good design decisions right there though.
I don't recall calling myself a hero, nor have I ever cared for justice.
I guess you have to decide between...which craft...WITCH CRAFT!!...
Will alchemist also able to craft normal (hp/mp) potions, and/or buffs potions? if so then would they have to level up their pot making skills or just find the recipes?
if skill level is relevant to recipe list, then since rank 6 means that you are already over level 75 you would need to burn ingredients if you want to level up the potion making skill from newbie pot
if its just to find the recipes, are all recipes shareable? (i kinda read that some recipe are shareable? from the old Q&A)

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