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[BLOG] Tree of Savior Wizard Class Explained
Discussion topic for Tree of Savior Wizard Class Explained

[Image: wizard-class.jpg]

Tree of Savior Wizard Class. Wizards use magic to stop the opponents’ attacks and protect themselves. They can either attack a single target with powerful blows or attack large group of enemies with area of effect spells.

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At first I saw the Reflect Shield and I thought nice  Big Grin
But then I saw the 3m cooldown  Sad

But it's a skill for 'oh shit' situations, not for tanking, so that's fair enough.
as divine grace...

Well, we do not have information for Reflect Shield at higher levels. So once that is updated we will have a clearer picture of the skill details.

If you found anything interesting, let us know.
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Vibration is the core of Law of Attraction
Skill category is classic but i love this good classic.
Energy Bolt - Pure DMG Wizard.
Lethargy - Debuff Wizard
Sleep - Crowd Control Wizard.
Reflect Shield - Defensive Wizard.

I believe upper class will also follow these basic category Big Grin
Reflect shield seems like it should be used only when you really have to with that cooldown. It's pretty op to have anyways.
The variety of skills is quite interesting, it doesn't fit the classical mage image, but it let the player play in a way more adaptive way and I like this!
I never see that skill used in the videos though, I wonder why.
I saw it once, the guy mobbed, slept the monsters than aoe attack
(01-16-2015, 11:23 PM)Aisem Wrote: I never see that skill used in the videos though, I wonder why.

She uses Sleep at 6:28

(01-15-2015, 05:24 AM)Aisem Wrote: Oh god

My heart.

as divine grace...

Energy Bolt just like Fire Bolt from Ro?

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