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[BLOG] Tree of Savior Archer Class Explained
Discussion topic for Tree of Savior Archer Class Explained

[Image: archer-class-info.jpg]

Tree of Savior Archer class translations. We are still gathering data and analyzing them. We will update this article when we have new information.

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I will certainly choose "stepping" path instead of "kneeling" part.
Only his companion will reveal one's true achievement.
Skill details (Work in Progress)
Here are the list of skills + characteristics among the archer class branches. For a more nice looking data presentation, check them out in TOSWiki.

Take note that these information are all based on CBT videos. The values are subjected to changes in future release. The values recorded are not 100% accurate as the characteristics level and equipments will influence the quality of the skills (damage, cooldown, SP usage). However, these values should give you a rough idea how the skills works and how they progress when additional skill points being invested.

Archer[Click to show. Click again to hide]
Swift Steps
SP: 11, x, 16, x, 19
Speed Increase: 5%, 6%, 7%, 8%
Defense: -9, -8, -7, -6
Duration: 18s, 21s, 24s, 27s

Multi Shot
[Physical] – [Stab]
SP: 10, 12
Damage: 3, 6, 9
No. of Attacks: 2, 3, 4

Full Draw
[Physical] – [Stab]
SP: 14
Damage: 18, 32
Draw Duration: 6s, 7s

Kneeling Shot
[Physical] – [Stab]
SP: 10, x, 14, x, 17
Physical Damage: +17, +19, +28, +30 (As of current, these values might not be accurate due to unknown modifiers behind it.)
Range: +12.5, +15, +17.5, +20

Quarrel Shooter (Skills)[Click to show. Click again to hide]
Deploy Pavise
SP: 14, 16, 19
CD: ~54s

Scatter Caltrop
[Physical] - [Stab]
When Caltrops are thrown to the ground, targets stepped on it will be damaged and decreased movement speed.
SP: 11, 13, 15, x, 20
Damage: x, x, 336, 414, 492, 570
No. thrown: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Caltrop duration: 20s, 20s, 20s, 20s, 20s, 20s
Slow effect duration: 10s, 10s, 10s, 10s, 10s, 10s,
CD: ~36s

Stone Picking
You pick something that might be stone projectiles in the field. This skill is not usable in town.
SP: 0, 0
Stone projectile obtained: 1, 2
CD: ~5s per level

Stone Shot
SP: 30, x, x, x, 62
CD: None

Rapid Fire
[Physical] - [Stab]
After loading several arrows in the crossbow, fires on targets.
Damage: 16
Maximum loading time: 1.2s

Quarrel Shooter (Characteristics)[Click to show. Click again to hide]
Scatter Caltrop: Hold Time

Scatter Caltrop: Enhanced
Every characteristic level [Scatter Caltroop] - Damage increased
7 - 2251
8 - 2408

Scatter Caltrop: Enhanced 2
[Scatter Caltroop] - Damage is enhanced by Quarrel Shooter circle level 2

Scatter Caltrop: Enhanced 3
[Scatter Caltroop] - Damage is enhanced by Quarrel Shooter circle level 3

Stone Shot: Enhanced
Every characteristic level [Stone Shot] - Damage increased
3 - 1966

Stone Shot: Enhanced 2
[Stone Shot] - Damage is enhanced by Quarrel Shooter circle level 2

Stone Shot: Enhanced 3
[Stone Shot] - Damage is enhanced by Quarrel Shooter circle level 3

Ranger[Click to show. Click again to hide]
[Physical] - [Stab]
Launch 5 arrows in an arc toward the ground.
(However seems like arrows do not register any hit if fired at point blank range)
SP: 12
Attack: 34
CD: ~32s

High Anchoring
[Physical] - [Stab]
Pull the bow strongly to fire an arrow that penetrates the enemy in a line.
SP: 13
Attack 130
Splash: 4

Critical Shot
[Physical] - [Stab]
Fires an arrow that applies higher critical chance to target.
SP: 16
Attack: 167
Additional critical chance: 50%

Steady Aim
Increases user's skill attack power, but reduces attack speed.
Additional damage: +7
Attack speed: -75%
Duration: 40s

Sapper[Click to show. Click again to hide]
Broom Trap
[Physical] - [Blow]
Install a trap that deal damage to nearby targets.
SP: x, x, x, 36, x
Damage: 32
Lasting duration: 15s
CD: ~ 4m 20s

[Physical] - [Stab]
Install a trap that deal damage by firing pellets to the front.
SP: 25
Damage: 450
Splash: 5
CD: ~ 1m 10s

Punji Stake
[Physical] - [Stab]
Install a trap that blows the targets that trigger it far away.
SP: 35
Damage: 336
Casting time: 3s
CD: ~39s

Detonate Traps
[Physical] - [Blow]
To blast the installed traps, inflicting damage to the enemies.
SP: 12
Damage: 336
No. of blasted units: 4

Hunter[Click to show. Click again to hide]
(Companion increase biting. Critical chance bonus is applied when biting a target.)?
Additional critical chance: 30%
Duration: 4s

Companion bites the target and drags it towards the owner.
(Target's HP reduced from the bite)? : 16% HP
Duration: 4s

Ask the companion to drop the aerial type monster to the ground.
Duration: 2s

Temporarily raise the movement speed and attack speed of the companion.
Companion moving speed increase: 25%
Duration: 60s

Companion pace around the enemy and serve as a target (agro). Enemy's evasion is reduced.
Evasion decrease: 15
Duration: 10s

Locate the target hiding around the companion.

My Old Post Content[Click to show. Click again to hide]
Here's my current theory-craft based on CBT videos (plus some additional observed information such as cooldown timer):

Swift Steps
Cooldown = 1 min 20 sec
Useful to stay mobile and keep a distance from foes, or at least prolong the time for the foes to reach you if they have faster moving speed. Extremely useful to avoid red zone from bosses while maintaining offensive pressure.

Multi Shot
1st charge cooldown = Approximately 1 minute (Skill still usable during this duration)
2nd charge cooldown = Approximately 33 seconds (Skill in lockdown mode during this duration)
2 charges available for consecutive use.
This skill require charging. The longer it is charged, the higher the skill level output until the highest unlocked skill level.
Seems to be the archer (Rank 1) only circular-AOE skill. However, the arrows will be distributed among the targeted foes, resulting in distributed damage among the targets while maintaining the same total damage within the targeted zone.
A skill not aimed at foes, may need to lead the enemy movement a little while placing zone of attack.

Full Draw
Cooldown = 15 sec
Seems to be the archer (Rank 1) only line-AOE skill. Possibly bunch multiple foes together (need confirmation).
*Need more info on the charge effect of the skill. What parameters does it modifies? Knockback range? Damage? Skill level output?

Full Draw -> Multi Shot
Utilize Full Draw to group foes together. This would prepare a condition to fully utilize circular-AOE of Multi Shot.
(As of current information, this combo might not be as effective as imagined initially as Multi Shot arrows are of single target nature)

Kneeling Shot
No cooldown observed. Toggle skill.
Unable to use other archer skills (Rank 1) while active.
Useful on slow moving foes or weaker ones that'll be shot down within 2 shots. In a team play where you have a partner to hold boss aggression (if the mechanics work this way), this would be useful to apply continuous damage at a safer distance.

*Video references:
Tree of Savior CBT Archer Field Leveling, Turtle Mushroom Boss Battle HD
Tree of Savior CBT Archer Some Shot Skill
Tree of Savior CBT Field Leveling, Archer Shot Skill
Sweet! Waiting for wizard explained now Big Grin
(01-15-2015, 08:07 PM)Aisem Wrote: Sweet! Waiting for wizard explained now Big Grin

I am the HYPE; vegeta
Details  for Lvl 1 Multi Shot cooldown timer
Reference video: Tree of Savior CBT Field Leveling, Archer Shot Skill

Take note the black/yellow dot at the bottom left of the skill icon (2nd skill from left).

First use will register 1 yellow dot. It takes about 63 seconds to reset the first yellow dot. (Video time: 2:41 - 3:44)
This 63 seconds yellow dot reset seems to be consistent in other videos as well.

If the skill is used again while the first yellow dot still in effect, the skill will be fully locked for cooldown. (Video time: 0:28)
The cooldown timer observed here for full lock-down is 33 seconds, rendering the skill fully reset at "video time 1:01". This shows that from it's first use at video "time 0:18" to full reset at "video time 1:01", it takes only about 43 seconds.

1st use (0:18) ---<10 sec>--- 2nd use (0:28) ---<33 sec>--- Full reset (1:01)

However, here's a question left to be answered. If the 2nd use was to be started at, let say 0:20, will the lock-down timer be remain as 33 seconds or 41 seconds? Need help to search for visual evidence from CBT videos to clarify it.
Well done, sumjs! Hope to see more research from you. It is very pleasurable to see there's no fixed cooldown or cooldown working not linearly.
Only his companion will reveal one's true achievement.
Reference video: 트리오브세이비어(Tree Of Savior) CBT - 보스몹 체이퍼

Once 2nd use of the skill is done, the cooldown is fixed at 33 seconds, regardless of skill level or when it is used. So it seems to be more worth it to use both charges and obtain the 33 seconds cooldown as opposed to wait for the first skill use to reset after 1 minute. The only advantage I see for waiting the 1 minute cooldown is to prevent skill being locked for 33 seconds when you might need it in a pinch.

The other observation would be multi shot has charge effect too. The charging duration determines the level of the skill output. Let's assume that the charge period is 0.5 second per level. Charging for 2 seconds will result an output of level 4 multi shot (Although you have unlocked level 5 for this skill). So, to effectively use full level charge, one must lead the target's movement and predict where the target will be by the time you release a fully charged skill.

Finally, each arrow released from multi shot skill is independent in terms of damage calculation. Which also means each arrow has a chance of critical hit.
Pretty interesting. Now, finally we can have a game whose archer having skill combo and timing.

The reason not to use multishot in a row might be positioning. On 1 v 1 situation (especially against fast paced mob or PvP), one may try to reposition himself before doing the fulldraw+multishot. The dev might have taken this into consideration and they gave a "rush" for the player to use the skill again in less than 30 seconds. If used after 30 seconds, the total cooldown would be more than 63 secs as for first dot.

Also, we might also take consideration that charging fulldraw consumes a few seconds cooldown of its skill-mate, that fulldraw itself has fixed cooldown, and that it may be used with the other skills in the revealed future.

Therefore, it shall create a tactic on what skill combo to be used best in, let's say, 120 seconds period of time (8 times full-draw) with a consideration of the fighting situation as well.
Only his companion will reveal one's true achievement.
Found inconsistencies in skill description for damage increment (refer to image within the spoiler bar). Both having the same skill level but different physical damage increment value.

Wonder if the value shown is the real-time calculation of damage increment after factoring in the stats, equipments, etc. If this is the case, we would not be able to accurately include fix/constant value in the wikia at the moment. However, presentations of value in terms of ratio (percentages) should remain the same.

*Bah, how I wish to know Korean language and to have access to CBT. This would have made things easier.

[Click to show. Click again to hide]
[Image: Lvl7KS_zpse24d5b60.jpg]

[Image: Lvl6KS_zps5d25a9e4.jpg]

[Image: Lvl6KS-Crop_zps95616434.jpg][Image: Lvl7KS-Crop_zps794b0d18.jpg]

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