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[BLOG] Twenty Hairstyles Expected for Closed Beta Testing
Discussion topic for Twenty Hairstyles Expected for Closed Beta Testing

[Image: tos-hairstyle.jpg]

The upcoming Tree of Savior Closed Beta Testing (CBT) is expected to feature twenty hairstyles, ten hairstyles each for male and female characters. We have gone through all the latest hairstyle images since G-Star 2014 to identify these twenty unique hairstyles.

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If you respect yourself as an elementalist, first row fourth hair style NO MATCH! <3
Talk about hairstyle Big Grin
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[Image: anime-athletic-childish-hair-Favim.com-902726.png]
Since there is no long hairstyle for men as in the list. I will definitely go for the third row & fourth column (Archer sprite).
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I'm in doubt, don't know if I choose the 2nd hairstyle (male 1st line) or the last one in the 2nd line. lol
[Image: d6018ba6a998cb9c49cc56f2e6bd562ef8fb94d7.png]

Last hairstyle in the first row looks so charming :3
hmmmmm .... if I am playing a girl character I'll go with the first one ... If I am playing a boy character I'll pick the first boy hairstyle as well ... armani hairstyle yo!
If female the first one, if male the eight one.
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sweet bun hair (checked) first colomn third row
I'm fabulous hair (Double checked) third column fourth row.
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This hairstyle looks so cute!


I hope they make some long hairstyle for men aswell.

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