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Poll: Choose the gender you will be playing with.
Female only
Male only
Both genders
It depends on the classes I choose
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Male or Female Character?
What's your taste when it comes to characters? I'm often bullied by some friends because I will always choose the female characters when given the option, like 100% of the times, from Pokémon and Street Fighter to Skyrim and Mass Effect (only exception are Harvest Moon games).
I will be forming a full sexy female arrow spitter squad of death. So what do you guys think about it? Do you have any predisposition regarding genders or do you think each class fits better for a specific gender?
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Depends on the class. Smile
Sometimes I feel stupid because I want to add background to the character I play, even knowing the fact that almost no one roleplays inside a mmo. But... Yes I sometimes pick male, sometimes pick female depending on what kind of character I want to add to the world I'm about to join. In the case of TOS gonna play male Wizard first, and then play a Female Cleric because of female supports played by mens are the meta.
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it's male all the way, i never play different gender in any of my game.
(the constant teasing is one thing, but some still don't give a bother)

the ultimate thing is ROMANCE... i like sometimes woo random strangers, that seem interesting in game (it's just a persona of mine ingame)
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I play only as male, but I don't mind if guys pick up female characters and vice versa.

I never get used to play as a female in a game. But I can try, of course. :3
Both, though I'll probably play female at first 'cause I played male characters for far too long.
I've played mainly female characters for a while now. But I still wouldn't mind having one or two male characters, too.
1 vote Male only ^^
Tree of Savior

There's no male in Touhou. So eh...
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My main character is always a male and my sub(s) are female, so that characters selection screen would give an RPG feel to it.
I tend to always put myself into the game and ask myself, what would I do in this fantasy world? so I prefer making them as accurate to myself (visually) as possible. So with that in mind, I'll be a male character.

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