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[BLOG] CBT Screenshots Allowed - GM Leslie Second TOS FAQ
Discussion topic for CBT Screenshots Allowed - GM Leslie Second TOS FAQ

[Image: leslie-second-faq.jpg]

GM Leslie posted a second surprise Tree of Savior FAQs in the TOS Nexon website. We have covered most of these questions in our previous articles. Nevertheless, the important questions were:

Can I register CBT with multiple accounts?
Can I broadcast Tree of Savior CBT?
Can I change the hairstyle and eye color

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Yay for updates.

Yes that's a good thing ... cbt screenshots. At least we get to hype all over the screenshots.

Bring in the customization!!! I'm surprised at the development of character customization ... many of us are hoping for more cash shop character customization ... but it seems that character customization is quite limited as of now.

Quick Question: Are you ok with cash shop items (perhaps costumes) that is not trade-able even between your own characters? State your reasons
I'm happy that there will at least be screen shots to keep the hype on! I wan't to see more of the game!

Tradable cash items have the utility to add fairness to the game. Usually it's a good way for poor/young player to buy cash only items without paying anything. Anything else is considered as pay to win by many players.
I'm against better refining or better drop items also. (tradable or not) it's not doing anything good. Player who have few time to play should be able to bring their game to the level of others with boost xp and that should also let them earn money faster then they should since they spent less time in low level area. With money and everything tradable (it was said on the blog that their would not be any linked item) boost refine or drop are pretty much useless and just "break" the rules and fairness of the game for few benefits.

That said, if the non tradable are only things like "boost xp" it should be ok.
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Indeed this is a good update. I look forward to the screenshots and to the notice of an english/international CBT/OBT.!!Smile
Thanks for the updates! Waiting for those screenshots *o*
Tree of Savior is not a catchy name indeed. But it's unique and specific to the lore, so why not. Of course if there is an NA/EU release by some derpy publisher, they'll probably change it to something unpleasant...

I was surprised when they said screenies are allowed. Just videos are nono.

So discussion about how the game works is still okay I'm guessing.

LoL, I also saw GM lesley's announcement. Foreign CBT is difficult they said, but they didn't say impossible. . . : D The verification step is a doozy I figure.
well CBT is for bug report, if their english is a bit short, it might cost too much in time and effort for too few results.
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