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[BLOG] Tree of Savior Confirms Free to Play & Gameplay FAQs
Discussion topic for Tree of Savior Confirms Free to Play & Gameplay FAQs

[Image: tos-faq-672x371.jpg]

Since the last meeting with imcGAMES, we discussed the possibility of Free to Play for Tree of Savior. Today, the FAQs section of the official TOS Nexon website confirmed that Tree of Savior will be Free to Play. Players can enhance gaming experience with Cash Shop (Microtransaction) by purchasing variety of items in the game. This article is the English version of the FAQ questions in the Nexon TOS website.

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Double confirmation, yay
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Good! I think that helped some people out... Didn't have an ESO effect... I hyped that game so much but I was not down to pay monthly for it.
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I hope the cash items is not pay to win :/ !!
Good news for everyone... So when will TOS be out in international?
Now we just need to confirm the cash shop is not battle item but ratherly just fashion / community item oSmile
Interested to see how the name change is going to flush out. Being able to change your character name on a whim? Not too sure about that.
(12-25-2014, 08:34 AM)MidNight Wrote: I hope the cash items is not pay to win :/ !!

P2W or not, we need to see how Fortifying/Enchance System in this game.
If it's the Fortifying System where you reach a certain rank and have to use "Ensurance Ticket" to keep going. Surely those item will be in Cash Shop. Then we know its fate.

If it's the Fortifying System where you keep progress everytime you enchance an item, and the more you do it, the more chance you'll success. If those Enchance Material is obtainable in dungeon. Then it's not a P2W game.

But, F2P or not. We all need to work for what we want, invest it. We can't just complain if we didn't even try.
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Just hoping with all my heart that Nexon NA doesn't get to publish it. Their "F2P" means get our your wallet or be forever weak. Already seen it in so many of their games, so I have a hard time believing that they're going to change their ways for ToS, but we shall see.
I am already losing interest in this game...
Channels, instances...I do not like the idea of multiple worlds. ONE world where everyone must compete/cooperate with each other is much more fun.

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