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[BLOG] Andronicus Lunch Meeting With imcGAMES Business Staffs
Discussion topic for Andronicus Lunch Meeting With imcGAMES Business Staffs

[Image: imcgames-interview.jpg]

On G-STAR 2014 day three, I was honored to be able to meet up with two business staffs from imcGAMES. We discussed about many things, where we came from, imcGAMES, Tree of Savior communities and Tree of Savior game. It was a casual meeting and the discussions were mostly centered towards building trust and relationship with imcGAMES.

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Thanks for the info Big Grin
Awesome!! Been waited for this discussion few days ago
IMC please I beg you!!! i'm kneeling !!! :

Don't acept Nexon as Publisher of international server !!! please !!!!!

All the europeans (me from spain) and usa comunity we think the same about that Publisher (and all are negative things) so please tell to your business staff you will lose a lot of players if they take nexon !!! any other will be better !!!
Kind of disappointing. I was expecting to hear a little about gameplay and story, a pity you could only find business people to talk with.
At least I hope you have secured your press access to the beta *-*
[Image: galil_from_upotte___made_by_request_on__...vqdRRu.jpg]
Waifu Hunting Games - PRO PLAYER
Please dont let it be Nexon, or Aeria Games for the international server if they are doing a cash shop system. If anything they should try to publish it themselves.
I live in Indonesia yet i'm hoping ToS will be published with steam / garena because i think any publisher company from my country will just spoil the game.
What i know to expect from my country publishers:
1. Low creativity, occurrence, and rewards for events (maybe "rewarding" for the few winner who most definitely "pay to win" the event)
2. Game balance problem (they will use best profit payment system without regard to game balance, thus becoming a "pay to win")
3. Poor customer service (even some paying users have problem regularly)
4. Slow response to problem, bug, error, and even regular maintenance (it's quite normal for a weekly maintenance of 2 hours make the game unavailable for 1-4 hours AFTERWARD)
5. Story content missing or turn weird because mistranslation
What worries me is that they have not yet said anything about european or NA publishers .
They have been talking about country-specific publishers , i suppose for chinese , japanese and korean publisher and maybe brazilian , although im pretty sure NA publisher will be But for european , i wonder if they will ever have a publisher or just let a SEA publisher make it for global access without IP block ...
I wont like either , nexon or a global publisher , would be better if they publish it themselves .

If the global or european server is taken by Nexon I will not waste money in the game because they offer the worse service for mmorpg
Why do boss monsters kill their own minions in trailers?

Before the boss quest, there was a previous quest. Those minions fail to destroy the player’s character, so the boss got mad and killed them.

Hah, I guess even the monsters have their own story.
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