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[BLOG] Six Aspects of a Successful eSports Game
Discussion topic for Six Aspects of a Successful eSports Game

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Competitive Gaming or Electronic Sports (eSports) is rapidly growing in the sport industry. A report in 2013 estimates US.5 million in viewership and US million in prize money. MOBA title, Dota 2 "The International" tournament’s prize money was US.87 million in 2013. In 2014, it quickly quadrupled to nearly US million. Naturally, game developers would love to tap into this exponentially growing market and essentially create a new sport.

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Quote:“When a game becomes a sport it not only stops being commercial, it becomes unrateable (indispensable)” – Chris Thursten
So true ... it's just unfortunate that Tree of Savior will not likely to be played as an esport ... as much as I hope it would be.
But I do know PacMan pro-players, and 99% of PacMan players doesn't even know the game to it's full extension, so how could they master the game?
The only way to beat PacMan at the absurd speeds of the last levels is to predict the ghosts behavior, there are studies on it btw: http://home.comcast.net/~jpittman2/pacman/pacmandossier.html

So the thing is: The main factor is not a clear mechanic, but a clear objective. For a first timer viewer a League of Legends match may seen much more appealing than a StarCraft one, just because the winning conditions are more clear. You see a team pushing towers without being contested and you know it's winning, because he's closer to take down the nexus and the other team can't do nothing about it. In StarCraft when you see a larger army it not necessarily means that someone is winning.

And finally I see Tree Of Savior as an exploration and interaction game, that's where devs focus should be in, eSports require to be designed, balanced and built from scrath with only that objective in mind, which is not the case.
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