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[BLOG] Tree of Savior Expected CBT Release Date (Unofficial)
Discussion topic for Tree of Savior Expected CBT Release Date (Unofficial)

[Image: boss-fight-e1411194055105.jpg]

I am sure everybody is eagerly looking forward to the release on Tree of Savior (TOS) game this weekend especially when Tokyo Gaming Show (TGS) 2014 is showcasing record setting amounts of games (1,363) from 421 exhibitors from 32 countries.

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See you in 3 weeks :3
lol this website also posted another topic regarding imcgames not going to attend gstar2014.

OMG I'm so confused now, which is which ?!
Thaumaturge must be the best job ever if its available in real life ...
Penisto, enlargeto,
Boobsto, enlargeto
- Nathaniel
(10-31-2014, 12:41 AM)AlexR Wrote: OMG I'm so confused now, which is which ?!

By the time of this post (september 20) it was not yet known that IMC wouldn't be attending to G-Star this year.
And that doesn't mean that TOS won't be showcased in the exposition, so a CBT announcement during the G-Star is still a good bet..
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